Friday, October 19, 2018

Music Review: Talk About Love: Music from the Motion Picture No Postage Necessary

Satya Records; 41 mins 51 secs; Amazon

Available now from Satya Records is Talk About Love: Music from the Motion Picture No Postage Necessary, the first soundtrack singer/songwriter/composer Charleene Closshey, who composed, orchestrated and recorded the film’s musical piano-based orchestral score.

No Postage Necessary was the first movie to released via the Blockchain, which allowed customers to stream the film using cryptocurrency. The movie was released to select theaters and VOD over the summer. It was released to Blu-ray and DVD earlier this month.

Produced by award-winning songwriter, engineer and producer Brent Maher, the album features a duet between Closshey and George Blagden (who costars in the film) on the song "Til I Loved You." "Give Me Your Heart" features a duet between Closshey and Irish singer/songwriter Gareth Dunlop.

The tracks/songs on the album include:

  • Talk About Love
  • Give Me Your Heart featuring Gareth Dunlop
  • Galileo
  • ‘Til I Loved You featuring George Blagden
  • Sam’s Theme (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • The Letter (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • Josie’s Theme (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • In Sam’s Defense (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • Twistee Treat (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • Sam Sneaks, Ames Lurks (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • Live (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • What is it You Want? (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • Walking Towards Grace (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • The Truth (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • Stanley’s Bible (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • Acceptance Letter (score from “No Postage Necessary”)
  • Falling Backwards (score from “No Postage Necessary”)

I believe this is the second time I have ever listened to a soundtrack without watching the movie first, though I was aware the film was released on Blu-ray/DVD on October 2nd. 

There are 4 vocal songs and 13 piano-based orchestral tracks. "Talk About Love" has a blues vibe to it. "Give Me Your Heart" has a wonderful Irish melody, which happens to be my favorite track from the album. "Galileo" and “Til I Loved You” are both slow songs with meaningful lyrics. The orchestral tracks fit in well with the four songs; the piano melodies are beautifully done.

Overall, "Talk About Love: Music from the Motion Picture No Postage Necessary" is a charming album with peaceful thinking songs and melodies.

*Note -  I received a complimentary copy for this review. 
All opinions are my own.

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