Tuesday, October 23, 2018

13 Days of Halloween: Return To Fear Street: The Wrong Girl

Harper Teen; 330 pages; Amazon
If you read yesterday's review for Return To Fear Street: You May Now Kill The Bride, then you would know I have been a fan of R.L. Stine's Fear Street series since I was a kid. No, the Fear Street books weren't my first introduction to the world of horror, as I had first watched the slasher classic Halloween when I was seven-years-old. (There will be more on that topic on Oct. 31st.). As you can probably imagine, I was more than thrilled when I heard about the new Return To Fear Street books.

The second book in the Return To Fear Street series, titled The Wrong Girl, was published last month by Harper Teen. The plot centers around Poppy Miller, a teenager who loves to write poetry and dreams of receiving a scholarship to the drama department at Carnegie Mellon. She's pretty much your typical teen who is into all the normal teenage stuff. She has a boyfriend named Keith, who she doesn't really like, but she keeps him around anyway. Ivy Tanner is her BFF, who is currently dating Jeremy Klavan. And then there's Manny, the musical genius of the group, who happens to be allergic to just about everything.

Poppy's life takes a sudden turn into the danger zone after becoming friends with the new Shadyside High student, Jack Saber, who is quickly accepted into the group. Jack is a wild child with a taste for fear. He insists they all start doing dangerous things, such as causing a car accident while they are filming it on their cell phones. Then they would put the video on YouTube, so they can become famous.

Things turn to the dark side after they play a prank on Poppy while they are attempting to rob a store. Poppy swears she will get revenge on them all!

After reading You May Now Kill The Bride, my expectations were a bit high for The Wrong Girl, so maybe that's why I feel a little bit disappointed with it. The story is written well, but there's no horror aspect to it. The plot involves some bored teenagers pulling some pranks. Yes, it's more realistic, but it doesn't feel like a Fear Street novel. All of the characters are boring with very little depth to them. 

Overall, Return To Fear Street: The Wrong Girl is hands down the worst entry in the Fear Street franchise. The only think I like about it is the Gothic-style art cover. I keeping my fingers crossed that the next year's Return To Fear Street: Drop Dead Gorgeous has a better story!

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