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13 Days of Halloween: Monsterland Reanimated

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I don't know why horror novels and movies appeal to me so much. I don't believe it has anything to do with the them being scary, as there has only been a few books and films that have actually frightened me. Maybe I just like things that go bump in the night!

Today, I'm reviewing Monsterland: Reanimated by Michael Okon. It's a sequel to the young adult horror novel Monsterland, which I had reviewed on this very blog in 2015 (read the review here). The first book was original written under the name Michael Phillip Cash.

Monsterland centered around Wyatt Baldwin, a teenager obsessed with anything horror and that includes Monsterland, a theme park full of vampires, werewolves, and vampires. The kid is thrilled when he gets an invitation to the grand opening, which he drags his two friends with him.

Sound like fun, right?

Not really! In this world, there was an outbreak and all the infected was saved by Dr. Vincent Konrad. Where are the infected?

Take a wild guess! They're the attractions in Monsterland!

The sequel picks up shortly after events of Monsterland, where the infected have escaped into the real world. Thousands of people are dead, along with the Present of the United States and other world leaders. Governments are starting to shut down as the world falls into complete chaos.

To save his town, Wyatt and his pals must go on a journey to reestablish communication with whatever is left of the government in the hopes of warning them about a new threat. However, his quest isn't going to be an easy one as he must battle more supernatural creatures, including a blob-like thing called The Glob, a reanimated Behemoth, and a few mummies.

Monsterland Reanimated is a cross between Goosebumps, The Walking Dead, and Jurassic World. The author does a wonderful job building suspense throughout the book, as well as a few terrifying scenes. The main character, Wyatt, is well-written and likeable (always a plus for me for any book). Just by the detailed descriptions, you can easily tell the author has a wild imagination

Overall, Monsterland Reanimated is a fast-paced horror adventure. It's the perfect read for Halloween!

*Note - I received a review copy from the publisher.
All opinions are my own.

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