Monday, October 29, 2018

13 Days of Halloween: Goosebumps SlappyWorld: The Ghost of Slappy

Scholastic; 160 pagers; Amazon
I could never have a Halloween event without featuring one Goosebumps title! 

I've been reading and collecting Goosebumps books since the very first book was released back in 1992! The latest spinoff series is titled Goosebumps SlappyWorld, which features the #1 Goosebumps villain Slappy as the host of each and every tale. 

The newest entry "The Ghost of Slappy" centers around Shep Mooney, who's scared of anything supernatural related, especially ghosts! Shep thinks that his basement is haunted by a ghost named Annalee, but neither his parents nor his younger sister, Patti, believes him. 

Maybe a camping trip will make Shep forget about the ghost. His class is having a sleepover in the woods. Sounds like fun, right?

Think again!

His teacher, Mr. Hanson, has brought along a very special gift for the trip - a ventriloquist dummy named Slappy! It seems Mr. Hanson had found the dummy in an attic and thought it would be fun to bring it for the campout. Mr. Hanson is aware about the curse that was put on the dummy and tells the story to Shep and classmates. 

After the camping trip is over, Slappy decides to stalk Shep and his family, but the boy is one step ahead of the dummy. However, Shep doesn't know that Slappy has a few new tricks up his sleeve!

I have lost count on how many Goosebumps books Slappy has been in, but there's been many of them and after awhile the plots do get repetitive. While the setup is a completely different, the plot involves Slappy once again causing chaos to a young kid's life. Maybe because I'm now an adult, but Slappy isn't as scary as he used to be. The villain spends most of his time saying silly one-liners and dumb jokes. He might move something to a different location or destroy an object in the house, but he's not much of a threat. There is a nice twist towards the end that makes the book worth reading and it does involve a ghost.

Overall, Goosebumps SlappyWorld: The Ghost of Slappy is an average read at best. The plot is redundant! The only thing saving the book from being a complete dud is the ending twist.

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