Thursday, 14 June 2018

Reasons Why I Prefer Free Dating Sites

Here I am early in the wee hours (though I'll mostly likely be posting this later in the morning) with nothing better to do than search the internet for dating websites. I don't know if it is my loneliness, lack of sleep, or just pure boredom, but I find myself one again in search for my soulmate, who probably doesn't even exist in this realm.

If you've been following my recent ramblings on this blog, then you would know about my desire to try out online dating. However, due to my procrastination issues, social anxiety, and a deep fear of rejection, I keep putting off creating an actual dating profile; though I do have a few dating sites that I would like to join. While I'm not actually going to mention any specific websites, I will say that the ones that intrigued me the most all have specific geeky niches, which fits more into my personality. And many of these websites are free!

Why would I prefer free dating websites to premium ones?

Well, my main reason is that financially my best option is joining a dating site. While I'm sure that premium dating sites are great, they can be a bit costly. What if I joined a premium dating site and I couldn't find a match! Then I would have wasted a lot money that I could have saved to pay for a real first date after I had found a match on a free dating site.

Another reason why I would prefer to join a free dating site is because there will probably be more dating matches in my area.

Now for online dating in general, my two biggest reasons for wanting to try it out are:

I Don't Have To Go Anywhere

For me, one of the worst things about dating is actually going out to look for a match. Mostly this is because of social anxiety issues, so naturally, online dating is probably my best course of action. Why is this? Well, I don't have to go to a bar or somewhere to meet a woman. Instead, I can sit comfortably at home and communicate online with a potential date. And this way I can get to know her a little bit before actually meeting her in a public setting. Plus, online dating can be a lot cheaper.

I Can Be Picky

Probably like other singles my age, I have a pretty good idea of what I want my ideal mate to be like, which there's a 99% chance that I would never find her in a bar or wherever you go nowadays to meet women. So, basically I can be as picky as want to be when it comes to finding a date. And, yes, that includes her age, what she looks like, and her likes and dislikes, as the last thing I want to do is get stuck in the relationship with someone that I'm not attracted to and I have nothing in common with.

I would love to hear what other singles think about dating sites. Would you rather join a paying or free dating website?

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  1. I've tried the paying dating websites in the past and have had no luck. So I am totally with you on the not wanting to join them anymore because I'm basically paying to not find anyone who's match for me and having a few guys who give me skeevy feelings chatting me up constantly.

    I keep meaning to psych myself up to trying the free ones. Though from my sister's past experience with those I feel hesitant. The saying "you get what you paid for" makes me even more hesitant. But since I've had zero luck with the ones you pay a pretty penny for I find myself on a double edge sword.

    Eventually I will probably try psyching myself up for one of the free sites again.


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