Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Fears of Online Dating

I'm almost positive that every single person (male and female) has had some sort of doubts and fears when it comes to online dating.

I know I do!

If you follow this blog, then you would already know I've been interesting in online dating, but my fear of rejection holds me back from actually joining a dating site. I briefly tried out a free dating site a few years ago, but I didn't exactly have a pleasant experience. While I did find a few matches, the women that replied were rude, and they just weren't the type of date that I would wanted to be associated with.

Also, I have a fear (well more like anxiety) of meeting new people, which doesn't exactly help me in meeting a woman for an actual date. I've seen way too many episodes of Law & Order SVU, so I do know that online dating can be dangerous.

Recently, I read about an innovative campaign in London called "Ask for Angela," which allows someone who feels uncomfortable on a date at a pub or club to discreetly ask for help from a staff member by simply "asking for Angela." The initiative (or program) is available at participating locations throughout London. Originally launched by Lincolnshire County Council, the program was created to help reduce sexual violence by letting individuals to get assistance from the staff by using a non-descript phrase. The staff would take this person to a safer location and either call a cab for them or contact a friend or family member. A test-run for the program occurred last year by the Metropolitan Police in Merton and was proven to be a success with more than 50% of the venues signing up to join the initiative. 

This sounds like a great program/campaign that can help individuals to remove themselves from a possibly dangerous situation. Hopefully, this innovative campaign will expand to the United States, as maybe I would feel a little bit safer about meeting a woman from online dating website. Yes, I might be overacting a bit, but like I've already mentioned, I've seen way too many Law & Order: SVU episodes, so I know that some people lie about who they really are; which of course makes online dating even more scarier for me.

Don't worry too much about me! Despite my fears, I might still give online dating a try sometime soon. Why the wait? Well, I want to get several things in my life wrapped up first, so to speak. Right now, I'm currently swamped with writing projects, blogging stuff, books that need to be reviewed, DVDs/Blu-rays that need to reviewed, and many other things that would take way too long for me to list on here. Once I get a handle on my procrastinating issues and get caught up on things, then I will have more time to concentrate on other stuff, such as creating a profile on an online dating website. I already do have a few sites that I do have in mind, but I'm going to have to narrow it down to my favorite one. Wish me good luck!

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