Sunday, February 18, 2018

Just a Sunday Night Rambling!

Yes, it's late at night, but I'm full awake, mostly thanks to the cup Nescafe Taster's Choice instant coffee that I'm currently sipping on. Today has been sorta a lazy Sunday for me. Due to my lack of sleep last week (and it has nothing to do with my caffeine intake), I ended up crashing the afternoon for a few hours. I awoke fully charged, made a taco salad, and watched three episodes of Victoria Season Two on Blu-ray.

Afterward, I had planned on writing a review for Last Stop In Brooklyn, but instead I went over to YouTube and watched several unboxing videos. (I'm addicted to unboxing videos. Don't ask why!) Before I do write that review, I decided to jump-start my creativity by writing this rambling.

Anyway, I suffer from a bit of insomnia from time to time, which is probably one of the reasons why I had several sleepless nights last week. And what happens when I can't sleep? Well, my mind drifts from everywhere to everything. Most of the time, I either ended up watching a silly a movie (Little Shop of Horrors, etc.) or unboxing videos on YouTube. Then there were nights where I browsed a some profiles on a few free dating sites.

And no, I've never actually joined a dating website yet; though the idea does crosses my mind once in awhile, especially on those nights where I can't sleep.

If you "google" dating websites, the most popular one is the adult dating sites, which are full of married people looking for someone to "hook up" with. I'm not looking for a no-strings-attached relationship, so those sites are out for me. Another popular dating theme is "senior dating," which I'm guessing is because there a lot of single elderly and widows out there. While I am attracted to some older women, I'm not interested in dating a senior! 

The problem for me is finding a perfect match that's located nearby. Yes, there's plenty of long distant relationship websites. There's dating websites for Surrey singles and there's also Wiltshire dating sites. There's no dating site for women looking for single men from Missouri, though I did find one for women looking for single men in County Tyrone. I don't have any issues dating someone that lives far away, but it doesn't solve all my lonely nights.


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