Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Review Catch Up Marathon!: The Legacy by Michael Phillips

Bethany House; 464 pages; $15.99; Amazon

Since I'm up late at night drinking a cup of coffee, I decided to write my review for The Legacy by Michael Phillips, which is the third novel in the Secrets of the Shetlands series.  I had read this last year, but never got around to writing the review for it; so here I am finally writing my thoughts about it.

The Legacy continues the story of Loni Ford, a woman from Washington, D.C., who believes she has inherited some property from a long-distant relative in the Shetland Islands. However, upon arriving she learns she's inherited the entire island of Whales Reef!

Let's just say that the locals don't care much for her, as they would have preferred the island to be left in the hands of David Tulloch. To make a long story short, David and Loni fell in love towards the end of the second book, The Cottage. While the characters are front and center in The Legacy, there's another love story here; one that involves Lori's great-grandparents, Brogan Tulloch and Emily Hanson.

Final Thoughts

Overall, The Legacy is an excellent conclusion to the Secrets of the Shetlands series! The loose ends from the previous books involving Loni's family is finally revealed. The author does a wonderful job crafting well-developed characters, lively dialogue, and rich descriptions. I recommend the entire series to all readers.

*Note - I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

Michael Phillips is a bestselling author who has penned more than seventy books, both fiction and non-fiction. Michael and his wife, Judy, spend time each year in Scotland, but make their home near Sacramento, California.

Visit Michael's website at: www.macdonaldphillips.com

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