Thursday, 18 January 2018

Dating Websites That Appeal To Me!

Some of you might remember me writing a few posts about my interests in online dating. My depression had kicked in around Thanksgiving and got worse around Christmas, due mostly to the fact that I'm still single. Plus, I always feel a bit lonely around the holidays. A few of my followers were kind enough to leave some comments on my posts. One person mentioned that there should be a dating site for book lovers.

After doing an internet search, I learned that there is in fact a dating site for book lovers. I went ahead and compiled a list of dating sites that appeal to me.

Reading Passions

Yes, there's a dating site for readers! It's called Reading Passions. The site is 100% free. I haven't joined this site yet, but I'm considering it. From glancing at the website, it looks like it has groups, instant messaging, webcam video chat, and message forums.

As long as you're an adult, there's no age limit to join Reading Passions. This is somewhat of a surprise to me, as I did find similar sites that are aimed for older people. (If you're looking for older singles, try joining a Surrey dating site or a Leeds dating website.)

If you know me, then you would know that I love reading books! So, naturally, this is the one website that I'm most interested in joining.

Star Trek Dating

Believe it or not! There's two dating websites related to Star Trek. They're called Star Trek Dating and Trek Passions (similar to Reading Passions).

If you're not into Star Trek, then you're in luck. There's also a dating website called Whovian Love  (Doctor Who fans), Dating for Muggles (Harry Potter fans), BronyMate (My Little Pony Fans), and Mouse Mingle (Disney fans).

No matter what country you're from I'm sure there are many science fiction and fantasy fans looking for love. So if you live in another country, then there's a good chance there's a few geeky dating websites that will appeal to you, such as Nottinghamshire dating websites and Bristol dating sites.

Geeky Dating

Yes, there are even more dating websites for nerds and geeks. There's Geek 2 Geek, Soul Geek, Plenty of Geeks, Geeky Friends Date, Nerd Passions, and Geek Match. There's even a site for the LGBT community called Gay While the latter site isn't my cup of tea, it might appeal to some people (which is the reason why I'm mentioning it), so if you're looking for single men in Highlands or anywhere else in the world, you might want to check out that site. 

Tattoo Singles

It might surprise some of you that I'm listing a tattoo dating site, as it doesn't exactly fit into the "geek" theme. Well, here's a little fact that you might not know about me - I'm a attracted to women who have tattoos. I don't personally have any tattoos, but for some reason or another I like women with a little ink on them. Anyhow, there's a dating website called Tattoo Singles. It's free to browse, create a profile and receive mail, but I don't think it's free to send messages.

I'm not for sure if there are other tattoo dating sites, but I'm sure there probably are more of them out there. I only had time to search and find Tattoo Singles. I have a feeling that many of them probably fall into the No Strings Attached category, which isn't the type of relationship that I'm looking for.

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