Sunday, 14 January 2018

An Apocalypse Guide For Book Lovers!

Do you know there are people who are actually preparing for the zombie apocalypse? And, no, I'm not referring to a viewing party for an episode of The Walking Dead. I'm referring to an actual zombie apocalypse!

I can understand preparing yourself for a natural disaster or some sort of emergency by stocking up on emergency survival food kits, bottle water, blankets, first aid kits, and many other useful things from My Patriot Supply. But come on! A zombie apocalypse! That's just a bit insane to me! And that's coming from a Walking Dead fan!

Anyway, the subject got me thinking about what items book lovers would stock up on in case of an emergency or an apocalypse. After a bit of brainstorming, I came with 5 things book lover's would want to have on hand in case of an emergency!


Yes, I'm well aware that coffee isn't exactly a book related item, but I always enjoy sipping on coffee while reading a good book, which is why it's on the top of this list.

If a natural disaster or an apocalypse has occurred, then mostly likely there will be no electricity. Unless you have a generator, then you'll have no use for an electric coffee maker. I recommend getting an old-fashioned kettle and a pour over coffee maker, as well stocking up on your favorite ground coffee brand. This way you can have a cup of coffee anytime you want; even when there are zombies walking among us!

A Book Light

While you should definitely have a flashlight nearby during an emergency, when it comes to reading, I would settle for a simple book light. Preferably a LED book light that has a long-lasting battery. It might be little, but it can give off plenty of light, so you can read a good book in the dark.


Get a good bookmark to mark where you're at in book. While I do like the paper kind, I recommend getting a metal bookmark that will clip onto the book pages. This way you won't have to worry about the bookmark falling out of your book while you're being chased by a herd of zombies.

Your Favorite Books

Keep your favorite books nearby. You don't want to be stuck reading a dull book during the apocalypse. Even if you have already read the book before, keep a copy on hand. At least you know that'll you won't ever be bored with it. Personally, I would recommend The Stand by Stephen King, as it's about a group of people to survive in an apocalyptic world.

Sleeping Bag 

If an apocalypse has occurred, it's probably going to be a bit cold. (I'm guessing!) I recommend getting a good sleeping bag; one that will keep you warm and comfortable. Then you can just snuggle up into it, makes some coffee, pull out your favorite book, turn on the book light, and start reading!

Well, there are my top 5 things I would have handy if an apocalypse occurs. I guess there's no reason why we can't prepare ourselves for an emergency. You can find many great things to stock up on at My Patriot Supply.

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