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Stucco and Brick Siding

Brick Siding

Brick siding is a nice-looking choice generally as it is deliberated to last a lifetime. This together with its elegant, rustic, and attractive aesthetic have many homeowners coming back to brick exterior siding. You can find buildings and houses around 100 years ago with the brick siding still in good form.

Brick siding originates in regular brick masonry (solid brick) plus as brick veneer which is a completed exterior that assembles on the house as contrasting to solid brick that holds up the house! Brick veneer is typically a thinner coat on the exterior of the home like old-style siding. Below are the cons and pros of brick siding:


  • Brick can effortlessly last a lifetime, 100 plus years, with just a over-all wash every now and then.
  • Brick siding is extremely fire resilient.
  • No wood ants  or termites will be recovered inside of brick siding.
  • Brick never requires to be finished or repainted, weathers gorgeously, and will not decay or fade.
  • Since it’s durable, termite proof, and fire resistant, home insurance is generally lower for brick siding homes permitting you to recuperate your investment faster.


  • Brick siding is certainly one of the more costly choices for siding, fluctuating from $10 – $15 per square foot.
  • Color option is set once you choose on the kind of brick, no renovating allowed.
  • Ultimately the mortar joints can depreciate and require to be substituted.
  • Long fitting period if you are getting the job done by yourself.

Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is more old-style Spanish style exterior completed up of a lime mixture, cement, and sand. Even though you can coat stucco, it does not hold well and needs time and again repainting.

A stucco exterior begins with a wooden wall, enclosed by a wire mesh to grasp the final coat of stucco mixture. On the marketplace there are two choices: synthetic stucco or traditional stucco (3-coat) or EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish System). 3-coat contains of a brown coat, scratch coat, and then surface coat. Below are the cons and pros of stucco siding?


  • Hard-wearing can survive 50 – 100 years with negligible upkeep and maintenance.
  • Impairment done can be mended with insignificant costs as contrasting to substituting whole panels.
  • Stucco can be harmonized to particular color selections giving you the look you need,
  • No rot or insect difficulties with stucco siding.
  • Very breathable solid which allows for rapid ventilation in zones with normal rainfall.


  • If a home’s groundwork starts to move, the stucco can simply crack.
  • Dirt and Weathering show up more effortlessly on stucco siding.
  • Although breathable, hefty rainfall zones are not appropriate for stucco.
  • Once color is selected, you will not want to recoat and renovate.
  • From a distance, it looks like a basic flat surface.

Comprehending the siding options and market along with the budget is the first phase in making the correct choice for your home. For more information regarding sidings contact Siding contractors Downriver Michigan.

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