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Holiday Gift Guide: JUMANJI: The Complete Animated Series DVD

JUMANJI: The Complete Animated Series DVD

Mill Creek Entertainment

Not Rated

Running Time
14 hours 25 minutes



Where to Purchase

Mill Creek Entertainment


Based on the blockbuster feature film, this exciting animated series continues the amazing saga of two children, Judy and Peter Shepherd, who discover a mysterious and magical board game called Jumanji. Once they start playing, their lives will never be the same. Sucked into a swirling vortex and emerging in the parallel jungle universe of Jumanji, they meet a fellow traveler who has been trapped in the game for over 20 years. Navigating two worlds - their hometown real world and the disturbing fantasy jungle of the board game - as they try to help Alan break the spell, Judy, Peter and Alan encounter thrills and adventures that also help them learn important lessons about life.

Final Thoughts

With the big-budget Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle being released to theaters this month, I thought it was time for me to post my review for Jumanji: The Complete Animated Series, which was released on DVD back in August by Mill Creek Entertainment

Inspired by the 1995 movie and the children's book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg, the animated series aired from 1996 to 1999. A total of 40 episodes were made, spanning over 3 seasons. The series centered on Judy and Peter Shepherd, siblings who accidentally get pulled into the board game called Jumanji. Shortly after arriving in the strange jungle world, they meet Alan Robert John Jason Parrish III, a man who was sucked into the game when he was a child. Together, they search for clues that will help them escape Jumanji forever!

The episodes are split up on three discs. The video quality and sound quality is descent considering the amount of episodes shoved onto each disc. There are no special features or extras.

I'm not the biggest fan of the original film, but since the new reboot film is about the be released, I thought I would feature the animated series during this year's Holiday Gift Guide. To be honest, I never knew there was an animated series until I heard about the DVD set release. 

It took me several episodes to adjusted to the animation style, but after a few episodes I started to like the design of the series. The episodes are bit weird, but in a fun way. Overall, I enjoyed watching the Jumanji: The Complete Animated Series. It would make a great gift for any Jumanji fan, young or old.

*I received a complimentary copy from Mill Creek Entertainment. All opinions are my own.


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