Friday, 24 November 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Whitman Ultimate Coin Supply Kit

Whitman Ultimate Coin Supply Kit


Where to Purchase
Whitman Books

Whitman's 629 piece - Ultimate Coin Supply Kit is loaded with value! 

Kit Includes
2018 Red Book price guide
Statehood Quarters Folders Volumes I, II & III 
300 Nickel - Quarter Mylar holders
300 Cent - Dime Mylar holders
5 Quarter Storage Tubes
5 Cent Storage Tubes
Whitman 2x2 Storage Box
5 Quality Thumb-cut Pages
8 Plastic 2x2 Quarter holders
3" Round Magnifier

My Thoughts

Coin collecting is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, which is why I'm featuring the Whitman Ultimate Coin Supply Kit on the first day of my blog's Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you're a newbie or an expert at coin collecting, this would make a great gift for any collector.

Yes, the kit's price tag is nearly $30, which might seem a bit steep at first, but once you start adding up the price of each item, you'll realize you're getting a bargain. The retail value of everything in the kit adds up to over $70!

The kit featured in the photo up above in this post is of the kit that was sent to me last month. The only difference between the kit now listed on the Whitman website is the addition of the 8 Plastic 2x2 Quarter holders, which I didn't receive with my kit. Nevertheless, this is still a great kit to give as a present for Christmas.

Everything you would need to start collecting coins is in the kit, which includes cardboard Mylar holders, a coin box, a magnifier, coin storage tubes, plastic 2x2 quarter holders, and thumb cut pages (can be used in a coin binder).

Tip: Don't staple the Mylar holders! Only use scotch tape, as this way you can remove the coins without damaging the holders.

Of the course the big highlights in this collection are the Statehood Quarters Folders Volumes I, II & III, which holds both the Denver and Philadelphia Statehood mints from 1999 to 2009.
An inside look at the coin book.
The 2018 Red Book!
I'm saving my favorite item from the kit for last - the 2018 Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins, which is a must have for any coin collector.

There are different editions of the Red Book, but the one in the kit is the spiral version. It has 464 pages and features many detailed colored photos throughout the book. Like the previous Red Books, the 2018 edition begins with an introduction to coin collecting and followed by a bit of history of each types of coins (1793 to 2017) along with the current price guide. The book retails for $15.95

A sneak peek at the Red Book.
Overall, the Whitman Ultimate Coin Supply Kit is a great kit to own. It will make a great gift for any coin collector.

*Note - I received a complimentary kit from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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