November 28, 2017

Cheerful Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hopefully, everyone survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Today, my blog's Holiday Gift Guide is taking a slight-break, so I can feature my holiday-themed post, titled "Cheerful Christmas Gift Ideas."

"A Teddy Bear Will Do"

While giving a teddy bear as a gift might seem a bit of a cliche, a simple stuffed toy can put a smile on just about anyone. There are many different styles, colors, and brands of teddy bears, but for this post, I'm going with the Plush 9" Brown Christmas Bear, which retails for only $5.99 on Oriental Trading.

My Thoughts: This a cute and soft little teddy bear that's wearing a Santa stocking cap and a green and red scarf. It would make a great stocking stuffer for just about anyone.

"Everyone Needs A Calendar"

It's not easy finding the perfect gift for everyone, as there are someone individuals who are just hard to buy for. Let me give you some advice - get them a calendar!

Everyone needs a calendar! Right?

There are wall calendars, desk calendars, and day-to-day calendars, all in a variety of different themes (cartoon characters, TV series, Movies, sports, animals, hobbies etc.). 

For this post, I'm recommending the "365 Coloring Designs Spiral Perpetual Calendar," which retails for $9.99 on Oriental Trading. Measuring 4 1/2" x 3 3/4", the little calendar contains 365 verses and sayings along with fun illustrations that be colored with crayons, colored pencils, or makers.

My Thoughts: This calendar should appeal to any quilter, crafter, or art lover. The illustrations are cute, and since there are 365 days in a year, there are plenty of designs to color.

"Snowmen Decor Is Popular"

It seems like snowmen decor keeps getting popular every year. That's why I'm recommending the "Sing for Joy" Snowman with Rustic Tree from Oriental Trading. Retailing for $12.99, the resin snowman figurine measures 8 1/2"H. The figurine is clutching a rustic metal Christmas tree. Printed on the base is the Biblical scripture Psalm 96:12, "The trees of the forest will sing for Joy."

My Thoughts: The figurine is much bigger than what I thought it would be. It's also made really well with a detailed design. It would make a cute little present for anyone who likes snowmen.

"A Cheerful Hat"

If you can't think of a gift to give someone, then just give them some sort of hat or cap! There are baseball, football, and other sports caps, or you can just give them a Christmas themed hat. 

For this post, I picked out the Christmas Stocking Cap Extra Long. It measures 33" long; 22" circ., and is made out of polyester. Sadly, the cap is currently discontinued. The good news is that Oriental Trading has many other Christmas hats, caps, and stockings to choose from.

My Thoughts: This is a long cap! The red and green colors are really bright. The polyester material is thin, so my head never gets hot while wearing it. This is a cute cap to wear at a Christmas party or on Christmas Day while unwrapping presents with your family.

"Sweet Gifts"

A simple, but clever idea for a gift, is to put together your own candy or cookie box. There are many different gift bags and boxes that you can buy, but I'm recommend getting the 3D Christmas Gift Boxes. The boxes retail for $9.99 per dozen on Oriental Trading. Each cardboard box measures 6" x 6".  The tops of each box features two half bow sides, which you need to maneuver to form a whole bow. 

What can you put inside the boxes?

Well, if you know how to bake, then you can put variety of homemade cookies inside each box. If you're not into baking or just don't have the time to do so, then you can just put a variety of candy inside each box.

There are many great candy brands to get, but I'm recommending the Palmer Holiday Treat Chocolate Candy ($5.99 per unit; 58 pieces per unit) and the Chocolate Mint Squares ($5.99 per unit; 57 pieces per unit).

My Thoughts: The 3D Christmas Gift Boxes are really cute and will make great gifts once they're filled lots of sweets. The Chocolate Mint Squares have a good chocolate taste with a hint of mint. The Palmer Holiday Treat Chocolate Candy has a variety of different flavors, but my favorite is the peanut butter cups.

"Gift Wrap in Style!"

I'm not very good at wrapping gifts with paper, so I typically use a pre-decorated gift bag or box. However, buying specific size bags and/or boxes can be costly, so I recommending getting the Christmas Gift Set from Oriental Trading, which retails for $12.99 for a 67 piece set.

The set includes:

1-Robe Box (17x11x2.5")
3-Shirt Boxes (14.2"x9.43x1.87")
2-Slipper Boxes (12x5x3.5")
3-Lingerie Boxes (10.626x7.748")
1-Large Pillow Box (13x7.87")
2-Medium Boxes (8.25x7x4")
2-Cube Boxes (5x5x4.5")
3-Gift Card Holders (14x7.6cm - folded)
4-Present Toppers
12-Gift Tags (7.5x5.5cm)
12-Label Stickers
11-Green & 11-Red Tissue Paper (20x20")

My Thoughts: Yes, I'm well aware this isn't an actual gift, but every present needs to be wrapped! This is a nice Christmas Gift Set with a variety of gift boxes in different shapes and sizes. My favorite out of the set is the Large Pillow Box.

Please let me know what you think of all the gift ideas featured in this post. You can find all the Christmas items & more at the Oriental Trading's Christmas Headquarters.

*Note - I received a few complimentary samples from Oriental Trading in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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