Thursday, September 14, 2017

Product Review: NutraEdge EdgeTest

Yes, here I am again writing a review for another testosterone booster. I'm sure many men who buy these types of supplements are just trying to improve their sex life; like it's a magical "blue pill."

Well, testosterone boosters aren't magic pills, and just like any other vitamin supplement, seeing any health results from taking it varies from person to person.

Anyhow, the supplement I have been taking is called EdgeTest, which is made by NutraEdge, a company developed by a group of sports and fitness enthusiasts who want to help athletes take their bodies & minds to the next level.

#NutraEdge EdgeTest is supposed to help you maintain a healthy libido & sex drive, promote healthy muscle growth, and support energy & stamina. There are 90 capsules per bottle (30 servings). It retails for $20.99, but it's currently on sale on Amazon for $19.94 at:

The ingredients are:

Niacin - 30mg
Zinc - 25mg
Fenugreek - 600mg
Tribulus Terrestris - 600mg
L-arginine - 100mg
Horny Goat Weed 20:1 - 100mg
Aspartic Acid - 50mg
Eurycoma longifolia (longjack) - 50mg
Maca root extract - 50mg
Mucuna pruiens - 50mg
Whey protein hydrolysate - 50mg
DHEA - 25mg
Boron - 1mg

Final Thoughts: Like I already said, testosterone boosters will never be a "magical blue pill" that makes you a love god. EdgeTest is meant to be taken by men who need to boost their testosterone levels for whatever reasons. If you're in your 30s (like me), then you've probably noticed your testosterone levels have dropped a bit.

I've been eating clean for about a month, I do a spin workout everyday, and I'm on week two of the Insanity workout program, so my reasons for trying out the supplement were strictly to help boost my energy levels, burn fat, and strengthen my muscles.

The directions recommends taking 3 capsules per day with a meal. I've been taking it at breakfast time early in the mornings before my workouts. I didn't feel any different from taking it until the fifth day, where my fatigue from the previous workout was decreased. I noticed an increase in alertness and my energy levels during my workout that day. I felt even better the following morning, and so on, and so on.

Overall, I do like the NutraEdge EdgeTest. No, you're never going to turn into a Hulk by taking this, but you might see an increase in energy and maybe even some weight loss, if you have a health and active lifestyle.

*Note -  I received a discount on the product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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