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Kendra Spark Sparkles ~ Interview with Story-star of Unorthodox

S. Peters-Davis here, author of Unorthodox, A Kendra Spark Novel. 😀 Hello, Billy, and to everyone visiting “Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.” Thanks so much for hosting us today; we deeply appreciate your support.

I thought of a few new interview questions for Kendra Spark, the main story-star of Unorthodox, and thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to share them; )

SPD – Settle in, Kendra, this should be painless. *giggles* Tell us about your relationship with Jenna Powers.

Kendra – Jenna and I grew up together; she lived on the same block, just around the corner from my childhood home. Even though she was a year older than I, we spent most of our time together, like sisters.

She was my go-to person when things got rough for me with bullies, and believe me, the number of those seemed to grow every school year. My ability to see and communicate with ghosts was something scoffed at by most people. It took me a while before I realized that gemstone of wisdom. Even though I seldom shared anything about spirits with Jenna (because she was horrified to know they existed), she always protected and supported me whenever I became a target.

SPD – So, you and Jenna ended up at the same college, and you roomed together. How did that work out?

Kendra – At the time we attended college, I thought everything was great between us. Then she left for out east to pursue a career with the FBI. During the time she and I worked together in D.C., I found out why she’d really left college and why it took her three years to contact me. It turned into a big shocker, one I’m still wrapping my brain around, and it’s all explained in our story.

SPD – Tell us about Derek Knight. I’ve heard he’s one hunk of a dreamboat.

Kendra – Yep, you heard right. Derek’s buff physic screams superhero, but his heart whispers of a deeper side to him. He portrays an honorable fairness and holds truth as the strength of his convictions. *her eyes stare out as a smile spreads across her lips*

SPD – Sounds like you think highly of him…is there a relationship between you two? *I wiggle my brows*

Kendra – At this point, *she sighs* it feels like a giant impossibility, I live in Michigan and he resides outside of D.C. He’s always facing dangerous situations…and, well…I’m not. Sort of like salt and sugar…oil and water…lava and ice, we’re really nothing alike. *she sighs again* Yea, very different lifestyles.

SPD – What do you foresee in the near future?

Kendra – I’m in for another case, working as an FBI consultant. There are some supernatural entities that require stabilizing. Plus, I have another series to crank out for my new publisher; ) Grandma Ellie told me, ‘everything will shake out as it should,’ so I’m holding to that. *she nods and smiles*

SPD – Well, that’s a wrap. Billy, thank you again for having us here today; your place is amazing: )

Hope you all enjoy Kendra’s story…and her exceptional ability. 😀

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She also writes YA paranormal, supernatural novels as DK Davis.

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