Saturday, August 26, 2017

Wall-mounted Fireplaces: Why Electric Fireplaces Should be Your Choice

If an idea of making a fireplace part of your home has got your attention, chances are that you already worked out a few choices. However, the truth is most of them require heavy financial spending, giving up a good amount of your living space, and needing building permits.

You must be fascinated to see lifestyle magazines and TV programs hailing fire pits and fireplaces to make a living space the best area of the home. Undoubtedly, they add sophistication and elegance to any space; however, the limitations that come with traditional fires may restrict you from getting one.

A wall mounted electric fireplace, on the contrary, can prove to be a genuinely practical solution for your indoor living. In winters, these fireplaces will illuminate and heat up even those confined areas where you cannot safely install a traditional fireplace; and they will function just as well in a bigger space of your house.

In addition to these stunning patterns of electric fires, you will gain other benefits too. They are safe, hassle-free, and easy to install, and are a viable fix for all types contemporary indoor living.

You don’t have to pull apart your house

In case you are considering installing a traditional fireplace into your wall, there’s a great deal to handle. Some of the issues you will face are:

  • Cutting into the wall;
  • Re-strengthening the wall;
  • Abiding by the restrictions to ensure safe installation;
  • Weakening the structural integrity of your home;
  • Needing clearance for wood-burning fireplaces

In addition, you might have limited choices for the type of fireplace you can select, depending upon the capability of your walls to allow blows to the extent required for various inserts. Giving up on a considerable floor space is another downside of installing a traditional fireplace.

On the other hand, getting a wall-mounted electric fireplace means you will not be making irreversible structural alterations to your home. With an electric fireplace mounted on your wall, you will not only enjoy the actual heat and environment offered by electric flames, but there won’t be any permanent installation occupying your space.

You don’t need many screws

Mounting an electric fireplace to your wall requires no more than a few screws. However, make sure that wherever you are inserting it has a socket nearby so that the power cable can be connected to it.

You wouldn’t have to give up on the structural soundness of your home, neither pay huge labor costs for the fireplace installation. All you need is an electric drill, a screw driver, a tape measure, a spirit level, and a pencil for mounting and you will have a perfect gleaming fireplace throwing its dazzling warm light all over your room.

No compromise on its functionality

Electric fireplaces are better than the conventional ones in several ways. They're eco-friendly; there is no smoke involved or extra ventilation required.

You won’t have to clean up ash or embers and pose yourself to the risk of fire danger or allergies. Electric fireplaces aren’t anywhere near the structural requirements or the budgetary commitment inherent in the purchase of a traditional fireplace. But probably, the best thing about an electric fireplace is you are neither going to compromise on beauty, nor functionality.

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