Thursday, July 13, 2017

Get Healthy This Summer with Fermented Proteins!

Last month, I had the opportunity to try out several samples from Genuine Health (aka, The Fermentation Experts).

The sample products sent to me were:

Advanced Gut Health Probiotic
Fermented Greek Yogurt Proteins  (powder mix)
Fermented Greek Yogurt Proteins (protein bar)
Fermented Vegan Proteins (powder mix)
Fermented Vegan Proteins (protein bar)

As you probably see there is a theme here with Genuine Health, as their products are non-GMO, soy free, gluten free, and natural & clean. Their protein mixes & bars are either made from fermented vegan or Greek Yogurt. Fermentation helps to break down proteins, which reduce digestive efforts. Plus, fermentation helps the body to absorb nutrients.

I was sent one Greek Yogurt Proteins bar (cherry almond vanilla) and one Fermented Vegan Proteins bar (peanut butter chocolate). Both bars contains 15 grams of protein with a total of 210-220 calories. I liked both flavors, but my favorite was the cherry almond vanilla.

Speaking of vanilla, that is the exact flavor of the Fermented Greek Yogurt Proteins mix sample that was sent to me. The mix by itself has 100 total calories with 20 grams of protein. It can be blended with a beverage of your choice, which I used skim milk. It was easy to blend, and it tasted good.

*Note the Greek Yogurt Proteins bars and mixes are made with dairy.

The sample flavors for the Fermented Vegan Proteins sent to me were vanilla and chocolate. Both flavors have a total of 90 calories with 15 grams of protein. It's recommend to blend the powders with water. Out of the two, the chocolate flavor was my favorite.

Lastly, I was sent a box of Advanced Gut Health Probiotic 15 billion CFU (also available in 50 billion CFU). It's free from milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and soybeans. The 15 strains in it are meant to mimic the human gut flora. There are 30 delayed-release capsules (30 servings), which targets the gut for maximum impact.

Overall, I'm impressed with the Genuine Health products. All of the protein bars and the protein powder mixes tastes wonderful. The Advanced Gut Health Probiotic 15 billion CFU is the one of the better probiotics on the market (at least from the ones I have tried).

For more information about Genuine Health, please visit:

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*Note - I received complimentary samples in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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