Friday, June 9, 2017

Review - The Shack Blu-ray

Summit Entertainment; PG-13; 132 minutes

Now available on Blu-ray + DVD  + Digital HD combo pack from Summit Entertainment is the spiritual drama The Shack. Directed by Stuart Hazeldine, the film stars Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, and Tim McGraw.

Based on the novel of the same name by William P. Young, The Shack centers on Mackenzie "Mack" Phillips (played by Sam Worthington), a man who had lost faith in God after his young child, Missy, was kidnapped and murdered while they were on a camping trip.

Months go by, and Mack and his entire family are still grieving. While shoveling snow in his driveway, Mack finds a unstamped, typewritten note in his mailbox, telling him to go to the shack where Missy was murdered. The note is signed "Papa" (which is the name Missy called God).

Mack goes to shack carrying a gun, hoping to capture or kill Missy's murderer. However, Mack is shocked to find three strangers at the shack - Papa (played by Octavia Spencer), Jesus (played by Aviv Alush), and Sarayu (played by Sumire).

While it wasn't exactly a big blockbuster in theaters, the film managed to take in over $90 million  against a $20 million budget.

Special Features include:

Touched By God: A Writer's Journey
God's Heart For Humanity
"Heaven Knows": The Power Of Song With Hillsong United
Something Bigger Than Ourselves: The Making Of The Shack
Premiere Night: A Blessed Evening
Deleted Scene
Audio Commentary With Director Stuart Hazeldine

Final Thoughts: I recall seeing a few advertisements for The Shack around the same time Logan (the final Wolverine movie) came out back in early March. While I wasn't too impressed with the advertisements, I did take notice that the film was based on a book by William P. Young. Being a bookworm that I am, I purchased the paperback version at my local Walmart with the intent of reading it before I ever watch the movie. However, that never occurred, as I still haven't read the novel to this day.

I very seldom pay attention to movie critics prior to watching a film, but I did hear The Shack was sappy and campy; so I pretty much expected the film to be either sappy or campy. Surprisingly, I never thought it was a bit campy. Sappy ... well, yeah, it's a little sappy in places, but that's exactly what kind of film it is.

I've never been impressed with Sam Worthington's acting, but he does a good job playing a grieving father. Of course, Octavia Spencer gives a good performance, as usual. (FYI - a big fan of the actress!). As for the rest of the cast, everyone gives an excellent performance in their roles.

The picture and sound quality on the Blu-ray are both topnotch. The Blu-ray is loaded with special features and extras. The combo pack comes with a DVD (feature film) and a Digital HD code.

Overall, The Shack is a well-acted and beautifully written film that enjoyed watching. I highly recommend the film to others.

* I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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