Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Popcorn & Coffee: Pinocchio: Walt Disney Signature Collection Blu-ray Review

Rated G; 88 minutes; Walmart

Now available on Blu-ray combo pack from Walt Disney Home Entertainment is the Pinocchio: Walt Disney Signature Collection, featuring the original animated classic, brand-new version of Oswald short "Poor Papa," and 3 new bonus features.

Based on the children novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, Disney's Pinocchio was first released to theaters in 1940; marking the second full-length animated film to be produced by Walt Disney. Supervised by directors Ben Sharpsteen and
Hamilton Lusk, the film features the talented voice-cast of Cliff Edwards, Dickie Jones, Christian Rub, Mel Blanc, Walter Catlett, Charles Judels, Evelyn Venable, and Frankie Darro.

Pinocchio tells the the story of  a woodworker named Geppetto, who had just finished creating a wooden marionette named Pinocchio. That night before falling asleep, he wishes upon a shooting star that Pinocchio would become a real boy.

During the night, a blue fairy visit's Geppetto's shop and grants the wish true by bringing Pinocchio to life; though the he would remain a puppet until he prove himself truthful and unselfish. To help guide him, the blue fairy assigns Jiminy Cricket to be his conscience.

Excited to find that his wish granted, Geppetto sends Pinocchio off to school the very next morning. However, Pinocchio never makes it to school, as he is lead astray by Honest John the Fox and his companion, Gideon the Cat.

With Jiminy Cricket by his side, Pinocchio embarks on a fantastic adventure that will test his heart and soul.

Blu-ray Bonus Extras includes:

  • Walt’s Story Meetings: Pleasure IslandThe Pleasure Island scene in “Pinocchio” had much more development than what is seen in the film. Join Pixar’s Pete Docter and Disney historian and author J.B. Kaufman as they explore artwork recently discovered in Disney’s animation research library revealing some of the attractions, gags and games, which Disney animators created for this iconic location of the film, that never made it on screen.

  • The Pinocchio Project: “When You Wish Upon a Star”Music influencers Alex G, Tanner Patrick and JR Aquino from Disney’s Maker Studios, a global leader in short-form videos, gather in a creative workspace to create their rendition of the film’s signature song, “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and produce a fresh new music video. 

  • In Walt's Words: Pinocchio - Through recordings of rare interviews, Walt discusses the magical making of legendary classic.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in “Poor Papa”This recently restored and scored 1927 short features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who gets multiple visits from the stork and is forced to attempt various methods to help stop the onslaught of baby deliveries.
  • Classic Bonus FeaturesThese offerings from prior home entertainment releases include hours of bonus material, such as the making of “Pinocchio,” deleted scenes, sing-alongs, storyboards and theatrical trailers. 

Final Thoughts: I haven't seen Pinocchio since I was a little kid. Actually, I believe I might have first saw the film when it was re-released to theaters in 1984 when I was a three-year-old. Anyhow, I never realized how the dark the film is until I watched the Blu-ray yesterday. Watching Pinocchio drink beer and smoking cigars is a little shocking; not to mention the word "jackass" is used several times in one scene. Nevertheless, it's still one of Disney's best animated films.

The picture quality on the Blu-ray is excellent. The picture size is in full screen (1:33:1). There are three new features on the release, as well as the weird "Poor Papa," the first Oswald The Lucky Rabbit that was originally released in 1927. All the old extras on the previous home video releases are featured on the Blu-ray as well.

Overall, if you don't already own one of the older releases, then I would definitely recommend purchasing the Pinocchio: Walt Disney Signature Collection Blu-ray to add your animated film collection.

*I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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