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Q&A with Kay Phoenix, author of Steele and Stone

Now available from The Wild Rose Press is the contemporary romance Steele and Stone, book one of the Daring Heart series by author Kay Phoenix.

The author has taken a few minutes out of her busy schedule for a Q&A about her newest novel.

When did you become interested in storytelling?

From the first time I read a Golden Book when I was a child.

What was your first book/story published?

I self published it, and made my own cover (which I may update in the near future). It’s a very short, yet impactful story. I’ve thought about expanding it, as some people have asked, but I think it stands alone as it is.

What inspired you to write Steele and Stone?

I was actually on a hike, like the characters are in the beginning, and I began to wonder how a “city boy” would weather it. Thus, the idea was born. And yes, I have encountered a cougar once, when I was younger. I’ve also encountered rattle snakes, bighorn sheep and gila monsters (I do live in the desert).

What character in Steele and Stone is the most/least like you, and in what ways?

I’m similar to Elle in that I’m somewhat of a free-spirit.

What is your favorite part in Steele and Stone?

My favorite part is when Michael meets with his ex, Sandra, and they have a heart to heart conversation. I think it reveals that although their relationship didn’t end well, they are both still human and have the capacity to ultimately respect each other and move on.

What was the hardest part to write?

It was 1:30 am, and I was bawling when I wrote the scene where Elle finally says goodbye to her dead husband by having a private ceremony on the mountain. The idea for the single, soaring hawk came to me, and I lost it. My dogs think I’m bizarre.

What would your ideal career be, if you couldn't be an author?

I had a long, fulfilling career in my dream job, being a graphic artist. I worked with an amazing group of fellow artists and I wouldn’t change a thing about that entire experience.

I’m looking forward to where my writing will take me, but in the mean time, I am enjoying being on the board of a couple community organizations, making a positive impact on my home town of Las Vegas.

Do you read reviews of your books? If so, do you pay any attention to them, or let them influence your writing?

Yes, I do! I figure, if more than two people are saying the same things, it should be looked at.

What well-known writers do you admire most?

I love Diana Gabaldon! I’ve seen her give presentations twice, and she’s such a personable, down-to-earth, and genuinely funny person. Also, I’m amazed that this huge EPIC with so many books and side stories has come out of one person. She’s pure genius!

I also admire Sylvia Day. She is so organized and professional in everything she does regarding the promotion of her books. She has a great brand, and I admire that she started the online magazine, Beyond Words, to enrich reader’s lives.

Do you have any other books/stories in the works?

Right now, I’m working on book two of this series.

I’m also working on a novella for a Las Vegas themed anthology with several other local authors, which will be released in February.

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About the Author: Ms. Phoenix is a rare bird herself, a lifelong resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. She belongs to Las Vegas Romance Writers and serves on the board.

Prior to writing, Kay was a Graphic Artist for fifteen years in the casino industry and holds degrees in both Graphic Arts and Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, camping and photography. Her art and photography are displayed in Las Vegas art galleries several times a year.

Kay writes in the contemporary and paranormal romance categories, as well as non-fiction articles.

Please visit her website at

You can follow the author on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog.

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