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Top Ten Halloween Themed Films

Hi all, my name is Melvin Rivers. I’m the author of a horror book on called “Haven of Evil.” Well, I’m not here to pitch my book, but rather discuss movies that influenced my writing. As a huge fan of horror movies, books and of course Halloween. I took the liberty to list my all-time favorite horror films centered around Halloween.

  • 10. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982)

When I first saw this movie, I was a bit disappointment. I expected the crazed masked killer, Michael Myers to be in it. But after watching this movie many years later, I found a new level of respect for it. The movie is during the Halloween season, and a doctor must find a way to stop evil Halloween masks from causing deadly circumstances.

Teenagers decide to party at an abandoned funeral parlor on Halloween night. Demonic spirits awakens, and turn the party into Hell on earth.

VHS tape is found which features various sinister murders performed by an evil clown.

During the Halloween season, three brothers alone in a house are terrorized by three escaped mental patients who have murdered some traveling circus clowns and taken their identities.

  • 6. Jack-O (1995)

On Halloween three friends goes to a cemetery and remove the cross from the tomb of Jack-O, who was buried many years ago after being killed. by Arthur Kelly. Jack-) returns as an evil being who vows to seek revenge on the family of the person who killed him many years ago.

Five stories horror stories revolving around Halloween.

  • 4. The Pumpkin Karver (2006)

A young man stabbed to death on the evening of 31 October 2003 returns in a horrific new guise exactly one year later to brutally butcher six people at a Halloween party.

  • 3. Halloween 2 (1981)

Michael Myers continue to seek his intended victim on Halloween. The second part of the horror classic.

  • 2. Boo (2005)

College students get trapped in a haunted hospital on Halloween.

Michael Myers escapes the mental institution where he lived for 15 years. He arrives back in his hometown and starts a murderous spree. This John Carpenter classic is the King of all Halloween themed films.

Now, what are your top Halloween themed films?

About the Author: Melvin Rivers was inspired to write horror by imitating the writers of his favorite horror comics many years ago. As he grew older the works of Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and of course Stephen King grabbed his attention.

Melvin Rivers was born in the town of Luxora, Arkansas, and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He received a degree in Journalism from the University of Iowa. He lives in Cedar Rapids Iowa with his wife, dog and two cats. When he is not writing or surfing the web, he enjoys having a hot bowl of popcorn while watching his favorite horror flick on TV.

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  1. My favorites are:

    Halloween (1978)
    Midnight Hour (1985)
    Mr. Boogedy (1986)
    Hocus Pocus (1993)
    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers (1988)
    Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers (1995)
    Trick-r-Treat (2007)
    Garfield's Halloween Adventure(1985; Television Special)
    The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
    Night of the Demons (1988)

  2. OMG I loved Mr Boogedy, haven't seen that one in years. I remember it was a Disney channel movie. I made my mom order the Disney channel at Halloween just so I could watch it.

    1. My parents recorded Mr. Boogedy and Bide of Boogedy onto a VHS tape when they originally aired in the middle 1980s. I watched the movies all the time when I was kid. I bought the films on DVD through the Disney Movie Club last year.


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