Saturday, 15 October 2016

Popcorn & Coffee: Skiptrace Blu-ray Review

PG-13; 108 minutes; $24.99; Amazon

Arriving on Blu-ray +Digital HD on October 25th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment is the action-comedy Skiptrace. Directed by Renny Harlin, the film stars Jackie, Chan, Johnny Knoxville, and Fan Bingbing.

For over a decade, Hong Kong detective Bennie Chan (played by Jackie Chan) has been tracking down the crime boss Matador who had killed his partner Yung (played by Eric Tsang). Yung's daughter Samantha (played by Fan Bingbing), who is also Bennie's Goddaughter, gets herself into trouble with a crime syndicate boss Victor Wong (played by Winston Chao).

To help save Samantha, Bennie has to track down Connor Watts (played by Johnny Knoxville), an American gambler and conman who has been making his way through the Chinese casinos. Connor had witnessed a murder of a young woman at Wong's casino. The only problem is Connor doesn't want to help Bennie at all and he tries his best to escape.

To make matters worse, there is a Russian kingpin on Connor's trail as the gambler supposedly got his daughter pregnant. Now, Conor has no choice, but to let Bennie taking him back to Hong Kong, that is if they can outrun the Matador's henchmen.

Special Features includes:
  • When Jackie Met Johnny
  • Director Commentary

Final Thoughts: If you had never heard of Skiptrace, there is a reason why. It's a Chinese/American film that was released in China over the summer, where it did well at the box office. It was later released to theaters in the United States, but in limited theaters with hardly any marketing. And now it's making it's way to Blu-ray, Digital HD, and DVD this month.

Unlike Jackie Chan's recent flicks, Skiptrace goes back to his action-comedy roots. Here he teams up with Johnny Knoxville for a buddy, road trip comedy with some action tossed about. My original thought was that the two wouldn't have any chemistry, but Chan and Knoxville do work well together. While Jackie Chan is in his 60's, he can still do quite a bit of stunts.

The picture quality and the sound on the Blu-ray are both topnotch. There is a misprint on the back of the jacket cover with the running time. It reads 98 minutes, but in fact the movie is 108 minutes.

Overall, Skiptrace is a fast-paced, action-packed, hilarious thrill ride from start to finish.

*I received complimentary copy from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. All opinions are my own.

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