Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Dress Like "The Shape" For Halloween

*This is a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dressing up as your favorite princess, cartoon character, superhero or villain is an annual tradition for trick-or-treaters on Halloween Night. Even some adults dress up to take their kids their kids trick-or-treating. Others dress up in costumes for Halloween parties. Then there are some adults who wears a costume or mask while giving away candy on Halloween. Lastly, there are a few adults who just like to collect masks and costumes based on their favorite movie characters.

While store like Walmart and Target do carry costumes during the month of October, they are very limited, sometime forcing your kids to settle for a costume they don't really want to wear.

Thanks to online store, like Oriental Trading, you can browse through thousands of costumes, order your favorite one, and have it shipped directly to your doorsteps.

Oriental Trading's Halloween section has over 3,2000 costumes to choice from; costumes for boys and girls, and costumes for men and women. They even carry couple & group costumes, as well as costumes for dogs.

Oriental Trading nicely sent me a mask of my choice to review during my blog's Halloween event, and as I can see by the photos, I picked the Michael Myers Latex Mask (IN-13591484). I'm a big fan of the "Halloween" films, so naturally I picked this mask to review.

Made by Trick or Treat Studios and officially licensed by Universal Studios, the mask retails for $64, but it's currently on sale on Oriental Trading for $50.98.

I've seen several cheaper versions of the Michael Meyers mask in stores, but they were cheaply made and look more like the masks from the 4th and 5th movies (aka ugly masks). The Michael Myers Latex Mask is very detailed and looks exactly like the one from the Halloween II (1981). The face is very detailed. The neck has some flesh color to it. There are holes in the mask's ears, so you'll be able to hear while wearing it. There also holes in the around the nostrils for breathing. I'm not sure what the hair is made from, but it looks and feels real.

Back of the mask.

Overall, I love the Michael Myers Latex Mask. It looks just like the one from the movie, and it will be prefect to wear at Halloween or to display around your Halloween Blu-ray collection, which is what I'll probably do.

Oriental Trading also carries the Blood Tears (Eyes) version of the mask!

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