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Review - Haven of Evil

Cover Artist: Artrocity; 265 pages
He turned to walk back home. A woman in a black dress stood a few paces in front of him. The woman’s eyes were black marbles embedded in a sunken face. Her white hair hung down over her shoulders like spaghetti strings, and there were more cracks in her face than there were on a broken sidewalk. A foul stench seemed to follow her around – the scent of rotting meat. 

Kevin grimaced and held his nose. The horrid odor clung to him like stench on a decomposed corpse. “What in the –” excerpt, Haven of Evil by Melvin Rivers

Now available in paperback and on Kindle is the horror-thriller "Haven of Evil" by author Melvin Rivers. With Halloween less than one week away, this is the perfect time to read a spin-chilling story.

What is the book about?

(Blurb) - Haven of Evil, a book of supernatural terror, contains bone-chilling terror that is unleashed on an unsuspecting couple who moves into their new home after a flood had destroyed the old one.

When Kevin and Sandra Wilson’s home and personal possessions were destroyed by flood waters, the couple relocated to a town called Havenville. Things started out rough when they avoided hitting a mysterious woman on the road. Later Kevin was attacked by hawks in a cemetery where a stranger rescued him. Kevin and the stranger become fast friends, but later the stranger wasn't who he had appeared to be.

After some tragic and terrifying events Sandra goes into a murderous rage not long after Kevin finds out about an evil that dwelled inside their house--an evil that will change their lives forever. In this tale of horror, some will live and others will not. 

Where can you purchase the book?

Final Thoughts: I've been a fan of haunted house films and books ever since I saw the 1986 horror-comedy House when I was a kid. Naturally, I became interested in reading Haven of Evil. With a creepy cover art, and of course with Halloween just around the corner, I eagerly sat down and read Haven of Evil with a cup of coffee nearby.

The plot here is pretty simple with a couple, Kevin and Sandra Wilson, moving into an old house. Of course weird things occur, making them believe there's some kind of evil force in their home.

Though the novel is intended for adults, I felt the book is written more for young adults. Not that that's a bad a thing. I still occasionally like reading YA horror books, and Haven of Evil just felt like it was written in the same style as those.

The author, Melvin Rivers, does a good job of creating a creepy atmosphere with interesting characters and intriguing dialogue. The only downside I found is with the lack of vivid descriptions which is always crucial to any good horror novel.

Overall, Haven of Evil is a cliched, but entertaining horror novel that I enjoyed reading.

*I received a complimentary copy for the author. All opinions are my own.

About the Author: Melvin Rivers was inspired to write horror by imitating the writers of his favorite horror comics many years ago. As he grew older the works of Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and of course Stephen King grabbed his attention.

Melvin Rivers was born in the town of Luxora, Arkansas, and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He received a degree in Journalism from the University of Iowa. He lives in Cedar Rapids Iowa with his wife, dog and two cats. When he is not writing or surfing the web, he enjoys having a hot bowl of popcorn while watching his favorite horror flick on TV.

To learn more about Melvin, please visit his website at:  melvinrivers2.wix.com/mysite

You can learn more about Haven of Evil on Facebook.

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