Sunday, 9 October 2016

DVD Review - Accidental Exorcist

Sector 5 Films; 109 minutes; Amazon
The last thing the horror genre needs is another exorcist flick, but here I am reviewing the horror-thriller Accidental Exorcist from Sector 5 Films.

The film is directed by Daniel Falicki, who also stars in the main role as Richard Vanuk. Other actors in the movie are Sherryl Despres, Patrick Hendren, Chris Kotcher and Jason Roth.

Accidental Exorcist centers on Richard Vanuk, a wannabe novelist living in a small filthy apartment who spends most his days helping to rid of demons who have possessed people. No, he's not a priest or a religious man. He's just an exorcist with the ability to drive the demons out, but with a high price.

With every person Richard helps, the more emotional and physical trauma he endures. He tries his best to quit being an Exorcist, by trying to live a normal life (aka getting a job and dating), but in the end he cannot deny his true destiny.

Final Thoughts: Besides from The Exorcist (1973), I'm not the biggest fan for demon possessed movies, so my expectations for Accidental Exorcist were pretty low to begin with.

Right from the opening scene, I could clearly tell the film had a low-budget, which doesn't necessarily mean  it will be bad as most of my favorite horror flicks had shoestring budgets. Anyhow, I had never heard of the actor (and director) Daniel Falicki before viewing the DVD, but he does a decent job in the main role as the Exorcist. The cinematography has more of a grindhouse feel to it. While I wouldn't call the film a horror-comedy, it does have some funny moments in it.

Overall, Accidental Exorcist is a surprisingly entertaining flick that ignores all the typical cliches that have appeared in the most recent theatrical half-baked horror releases.

*I received a complimentary screener from Sector 5 Films. All opinions are my own.

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