Monday, August 29, 2016


I had reviewed two other products from VMI SPORTS during the summer, and along with those products, they sent along several free samples, including one-serving samples of CAFFINITY.

Anything that resembles the world "caffeine" in it's title gets my full attention, so naturally I wanted to review a full bottle (60 caps).

CAFFINITY is all day energy boost, but without the unwanted crash that comes with drinking several cups of coffee.

One serving (one cap), contains 290mg of a CAFFINITY Super Blend which has a mixture of 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, Infinergy and L-theanine.

How much actual caffeine is in one serving?

Around 200mg of caffeine, which is almost the same amount in two cups of coffee.

Final Thoughts: I'm a big coffee drinker, but the one thing that I always dread after drinking several cups of coffee is the dreadful crash. Unfortunately, that isn't the case with the CAFFINITY as I haven't had any crashes while taking it.

Unlike other caffeine pills that give you a huge rush of energy all at once, the CAFFINITY slowly releases energy into your body and it lasts most of the day.

Trust me - Don't take this in during the evening hours as you'll be literally awake all night. I did this once and I didn't get a wink of sleep; I didn't even get tired until the next afternoon.

Overall, I loved using the CAFFINITY and I recommend it to others.

You can purchase the #Caffinity on for $14.49.

I received this product on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.

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