Monday, 4 July 2016

Popcorn & Coffee: Possessed By Evil: 5 Movie Collection

Rated R; 452 minutes; $9.98; Amazon; Mill Creek Ent.

I believe I might have mentioned about my love for horror flicks on here a time or two. I grew up watching 80s slasher flicks during my childhood, so I guess you can say that I've been disappointed with all the recent PG-13 slasher films. That being said, I was happy to hear that Mill Creek Entertainment was releasing another 5 movie collection, this time called Possessed By Evil, featuring five rated-R horror flicks.

The two-disc set contains:

Devour  - Released in 2005, and directed by David Winkler, the film stars the CW's Supernatural star Jensen Ackles as a college students who starts having strange nightmares about self-mutilation and murder after playing an online game.

Devour (89 minutes)

The Plague - Directed by Hal Masonberg and produced by Clive Barker, The Plague (also known as Clive Barker's The Plague) was released in 2006. The film centers on a weird event that causes all the children in a small town to fall into a catatonic state in 1983. Following the event, every child born has a similar fate. Fast-forward to 1993, where the children go on a killing rampage. James Van Der Beek and Dee Wallace stars in the film.

The Plague (88 minutes)

Wind Chill - Directed by Gregory Jacobs, the 2007 chilling supernatural thriller stars Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes. The plot centers on an unnamed college student (played by Blunt) agreeing to share traveling expenses with a unnamed male (played by Holmes) as they drive from Pennsylvania to Delaware for Christmas vacation. Despite the bad snowy weather, they take a detour down a highway, and they end up a hit-and-run. With the weather getting colder, they try to survive, but things get worse when a supernatural force stars haunting the highway.

Wind Chill (91 minutes)

Insanitarium - Directed by Jeff Buhler and released in 2008, the psychological horror film stars Jesse Metcalfe, Kiele Sanchez, Kevin Sussman, Olivia Munn, Carla Gallo and Peter Stormare. The plot involves Jack (played by Metcalfe) faking insanity, so he can save his sister, Lily (played by Sanchez), who has been institutionalized. Sadly, things take a twisted turn when a mad doctor (played by Stormare) creates flesh-eating zombies with some of the patients.

Insanitarium (88 minutes)

Vinyan - Directed by Fabrice du Welz, this 2008 horror-drama centers on a wealthy couple Jeanne and Paul (played by Emmanuelle BĂ©art and Rufus Sewell) who had lost their son during 2004 tsunami that hit Thailand. After a video surfaces showing several children that are being held for ransom by kidnappers in Burma, they believe that one of the children is there son.

Vinyan (96 minutes)

Final Thoughts: My main reason for wanting to review this title was so I could see Wind Chill again. I had caught the film on a Starz channel during the spring and I wanted to see it again. It's a slow-paced thriller with great performances by both Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes.

The only other movie I had previously seen on this release is Devour, which I would never recommend to anyone. I had seen part of the film on FX years ago. Now that I have seen the full movie, I wished I've never watched it. Yes, the film is that bad.

I had never even heard of the other three films. The Plague is a low-budget zombie flick, and despite several cliches, it isn't that bad of a movie. Insanitarium is also cliched, but there was plenty of gore and mayhem to keep me interested for the entire running time. Vinyan is a slow-moving drama that is slightly better than your average horror flick.

Overall, I have enjoyed watching Possessed By Evil (well, except for Devour) and I recommend it to other horror fans.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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