Thursday, 23 June 2016

Review - 99 Fear Street: The House Of Evil: The Third Horror

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I originally planned on posting this review on 2nd of the month, but several things came up, so I delayed the review until today.

First published by Parachute Press in 1994, 99 Fear Street: The House Of Evil: The Third Horror by R.L. Stine picks up two years after the ending of the first installment. While absent from the second book, Kody Frasier is now an actress who is hired to play her sister Cally in a horror movie about the events that took place at 99 Fear Street.

Upon arriving at the house, Kody can feels the presence of her sister Cally, who is still in the ghostly realm inside the house. Playing the role of her sister in the film is a difficult thing to do, but it gave her an excuse to return to the house once more, so she can find away to say goodbye to Cally.

Shortly after production starts, several strange events occurs as well several accidents. Despite the setbacks, production of the film continues. However, the house is pure evil and it has other plans for everyone inside it.

Final Thoughts: This is one of my favorite book covers for a Fear Street title. If I recall correctly, the book came out in October 1994 when I was in the seventh grade, and I bought the book at a Walmart store. The plot for final book in the trilogy feels more like a "Scream" sequel where there is a film being made about the events that took place in the original.

Similar to other Fear Street books, "The Third Horror" is a by-the-book horror story with several jump scares here and there. Yes, there are a few predictable moments, but the wicked twist towards the end makes up for it.

Overall, I enjoyed rereading 99 Fear Street: The House Of Evil: The Third Horror.

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