Thursday, 3 March 2016

Review - Rotten School: Party Poopers

Yeah! It's been a long day for me, so I'm just now getting around to writing this week's Thursday ReReads with my review for Rotten School: Party Poopers.

Book 9 of the R.L. Stine series finds the 4th-grader Bernie Bridges once again planning a scheme on his fellow students. This time he plans on selling flashlights and sweatshirts (which have a face of Bernie printed on them with the saying, "I Partied All Night With Bernie!") to all the students at the upcoming "The All-Nighter," the biggest party of the year.

The party is going to have a hard-boiled-egg-eating contest, a huge barbeque, a soccer game, a three-legged race across Pooper's Pond and a treasure hunt.

Sadly, there is one setback in Bernie's quest to make some cash - he has to be invited by a girl to attend the big party.

Now Bernie has to come up with a new scheme to get his crush, April-May-June, to ask him to the party, but there is another small problem - April-May-June doesn't like him.

Whom does like Bernie Bridges?

Well, that would be Jennifer Ecch (otherwise known as "Nightmare Girl"), the biggest and tallest Rotten School student, who just happens to have a crush on Bernie. However, Bernie want to avoid her at all costs.

Final Thoughts: At 111 pages this was a quick read (reread) for me this afternoon. The plot is just a really big scheme for Bernie to land a date, so he can go to the "The All-Nighter" and sell his cheap sweatshirts and pocket flashlights. Overall, Rotten School: Party Pooper is a hilarious read with plenty of jokes to get young readers entertained.

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