Thursday, 31 March 2016

Review - Rotten School: Got Cake?

128 pages; Amazon
No, I didn't forget about this week's Thursday ReReads. I had read Rotten School: Got Cake? early yesterday morning (Thursday), but I was so busy during the day, I was just too tired to write the review for it; which explains why I'm posting this today (Friday), though I'm posting it under a Thursday post (yesterday). Does any of this make any sense?

Anyhow, this the 13th entry in the Rotten School series (out of 16) once again has our favorite 4th-grader Bernie Bridges is up to no good.

After giving us, readers, a quick understanding on how to be popular, Bernie runs into Leif Blower, a 6th-grader, who is in charge of this year's Rotten School Yearbook. To celebrate the 100th year edition of the yearbook, there will be a special page called "The Most Popular Rotten Egg," in which the most popular student will get one whole paged dedicated to them.

As you can probably guess, Bernie wants to be featured on the 100 anniversary page, and he will do anything and everything to prove he is the most popular student.

How will he do this?

Well, Bernie will throw the biggest birthday party for himself, even though his birthday is several months away. It will be perfect; all the students will attend and bring him presents. Right?

Final Thoughts: While the plot is pretty simple, R.L. Stine works his magic, giving us another cute entry in the series. Bernie is more than desperate to get his very own page in the yearbook and will do anything to accomplish this; however, he never realized that there might be another student who is more popular than him. Overall, Rotten School: Got Cake? is a hysterical read.

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