Friday, 25 March 2016

Review: Adventure Bible: Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet

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Zonderkids; 32 pages; $3.99; Amazon
With this being Easter weekend, I wanted to share a review for a religious-themed book, so I thought I would turn to the popular Adventure Bible series.

Produced by Zonderkidz (Zondervan), the series puts the Bible Stories into words that younger readers will understand, along with colorful illustrations.

Adventure Bible: Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet is 32-pages and features pictures by David Miles, and it's a part of the I Can Read! series (level 2).

As the story goes,  King Ahab thought the only true god was Baal and many of his people thought so as well. After Elijah found about about this, he made the announcement, "There will be no more rain in Israel until I say so. God is not happy with you."

The streams quickly dried up and most of the food was gone. Later, Elijah runs across a woman and her young child, whom only had a little flour and oil. He told them to go make a loaf of bread and they did as he asked. A miracle occurs, and the woman and child would never run out of flour and oil again.

Despite there being very little water across the land, King Ahab and his people still believed that Baal is the true God. With the Lord's help, Elijah will show them that "The Lord is their God!"

Final Thoughts: This is my first time reading an Adventure Bible picture book, and for the most part, I've been impressed with this one. The story has been written to appeal to children and give them a good understanding of who Elijah was without having to preach to them. The illustrations are very detailed and enhances the story quite a bit. Overall, Adventure Bible: Elijah, God's Mighty Prophet is a cute picture and a great way to introduce the Bible to younge readers.

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