Thursday, 4 February 2016

Review - Rotten School: Shake, Rattle, & Hurl!

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I almost forgot about this week's Thursday ReRead, until I noticed that I had left the book Rotten School: Shake, Rattle, & Hurl! was on my desk. After that, I made a cup of coffee, grabbed the book and started reading it this afternoon.

Once again, Bernie Bridges is the main character, a fourth-grader living who attends the private school, Rotten School. He thinks that he's the coolest kid at the school, even though in reality he's the rottenest of the students.

The school is going to hold a talent contest, which the winners will win tickets to The Plopps concert. The Plopps are Bernie's favorite singers, so he has to find a way to win the contest. Plus, he plans on inviting the prettiest girl at the school, April-May-June, as his date.

Unfortunately, the Nyce House Band is also going to enter the contest, which one of the band members is Bernie's archenemy, Sherman Oaks. Despite Bernie's dislike for the band, the Nyce House Band are actually good. To make matters worse, Bernie isn't musically inclined.

After brainstorming with the other students of the Rotten House, Bernie decides to enter Chipmunk into the contest as he is a great guitar player. But there's one slight problem - Chipmunk is very shy!

Final Thoughts: Though Bernie Bridges schemes, tricks and cheats to get what he wants, he is a fun character to read about. He reminds of Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell, but only more devious. I'm sure almost every school has had some sort of talent contest, so the plot will appeal to younger readers. Overall, Rotten School: Shake, Rattle, & Hurl! is another fun entry in the series with hilarious jokes and fun illustrations.

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