Thursday, 11 February 2016

Review - Rotten School: The Heinie Prize

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My quest to "reread" the Rotten School series by the best-selling author R.L. Stine continues this week with the sixth entry, titled Rotten School: The Heinie Prize.

For those of you who haven't read the Rotten School books or have never read my past posts, I'll give you a quick history on the books.

Rotten School is a private boarding school for elementary kids. The series centers on a Bernie Bridges, a 4th grader troublemaker, who is always finding away to skip glass and con the other students into giving him money. He stays in the Rotten House with his pals Feenman and Crench, as well as a few other goofy characters.

While Bernie isn't the best student at the school, he's determined to win "The Heinie Prize," an annual award that is given to the very best 4th grader in Mrs. Heinie's class. Unfortunately, the runner-up for the award this year is Bernie's nemesis, the rich kid named Sherman Oaks.

Shockingly, some bad news hits the Rotten School after Belzer (Bernie's personal slave/classmate) receives a letter from a his parents, informing him that since he isn't learning anything at the school, except for doing Bernie's chores & homework, they are pulling him out of the school.

Now there is noway Bernie is going to let his slave... his friend get kicked out of Rotten School. So there is only one way to get Belzer's parents to let him stay - Bezler is going to have to win this year's Heinie Prize.

Final Thoughts: While it has been several years since I had read the Rotten School books, I did recall what the plots to the first five books were about, but I didn't remember what "The Heinie Prize" was about until I went to "reread" it yesterday. Unlike the previous entries, Bernie is out of character here, well sorta, as he ends up becoming Belzer's slave. There are several "LOL" moments with my favorite being the laundry room scene where Belzer "washed all his cloths." Overall, Rotten School: The Heinie Prize is my favorite "reread" from the series, so far.

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