Monday, January 18, 2016

Interesting Device Statistics: Times, They Are a Changin'


The world has changed dramatically over the past few decades. One of the biggest reasons for the change has been technological innovations. Technology such as the modern Internet, WiFi, broadband, wired networks, cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, e-commerce, GPS, and numerous other innovations have changed the world into a digital world.

The Digital World

The evolution into a digital world now allows people do almost any daily task online. People can go online to shop, pay bills, communicate with friends, socialize, look for a mate, listen to music, look at a movie, watch the news, watch a sporting event, download media, and a variety of other things. Twenty years ago it would have been hard to imagine the things people are doing now with the use of modern technology.

Interesting Device Statistics

With the popularity of mobile tech, here are some statistics that are simply astonishing:

1. Roughly 6.8 billion people use mobile phones. Amazingly that is almost 90% of the World’s population.
2. 56% of Americans own a smartphone.
3. 34% of adults own a tablet device.

4. Over 2 billion mobile users will make a mobile e-commerce transaction by the year 2017.
5. United States adults typically spend about 3 hours a day using mobile devices.
6. It only takes 68 minutes for the average person to report a mobile phone lost or stolen.
7. It only takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message.
8. Currently there are more mobile phones than televisions on the planet.
9. Roughly 91% of U.S. citizens have a mobile device within reach 24/7.
10. Almost 40% of all mobile searches occur between 6pm and 12pm.

Mobile devices Have Become the Preferred Method of Communication

Statistics do not always tell the entire story, however, they provide a clear picture of popularity, especially with mobile devices. The use of tablets, smartphones, and laptops in many countries is staggering. In many cases, they have become the preferred method of communication. Instead of making a phone call, people will regularly send a text message. Texting has become so popular that it has its own language of sorts.

Technological innovations have changed the way people approach daily living. Today, people use technology to handle many daily tasks. The days of physically going places to complete tasks is becoming more rare. People depend on devices and the loss of WiFi can cause a major panic in modern society in the same manner that phone outages used to cause panic 20 or 30 years ago.

As technology continues to evolve and become more integrated into the daily lives of people, the things that can be done with the use of technology will become more unbelievable.

Statistics point to the observation that mobile devices in general have become a necessity for many people. Where they were once a luxury, devices have become a common commodity that almost everyone has or has easy access to.

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