Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review - The Official Red Book: A Guide Of United States Coins 69th Edition

One of the most popular (and oldest) hobby is coin collecting. People of all ages, including kids, love collecting coins from around the world. It's also a great investment, as some older coins are worth a lot money.

The best places to find older coins is at antique stores, coin collecting shops and the internet, but please be advised on what the correct price of a coin is as you don't want to over pay.

The only way to find the current correct prices for coins is to look in The Official Red Book: A Guide Of United States Coins, which is published by Whitman. The 2016 (69th edition) is now available to buy in book stores, coin shops, hobby shops or online at www.whitman.com/store.

A few months back, I was sent The Official Red Book: A Guide Of United States Coins 69th Edition hardcover ($16.95 retail). This year's book is edited by Kenneth Bressett (Senior Editor), Q. David Bowers (Research Editor) and Jeff Garrett (Valuations Editor).

The book gives you a quick introduction the world of coins in "Welcome To Numismatics." Then it jumps right into the coin values, which are divided into the following sections:

Pre-Federal Issues - Colonial and Post-Colonial Issues.

Federal Issues - Contract Issues and Patterns, Half Cents (1793-1857), Large Coins (1793-1857), Small Cents (1856 to Date), Two-Cent Pieces (1864-1873), Three-Cent Pieces (1851-1889), Nickel Five-Cent Pieces (1866 to Date), Half Dimes (1794-1873), Dimes (1796 to Date), Twenty-Cent Pieces (1875-1878), Quarter Dollars (1794 to Date), Silver and Related Dollars (1794 to Date), Gold Dollars (1849-1889), Quarter Eages (1796-1929), Three-Dollar Gold Pieces (1854-1889), Four-Dollar Gold Pieces (1879-1880), Half Eagles (1795-1929), Eagles (1795-1933), Double Eagles (1849-1933), Commemoratives (1892 to Date) and Proof and Mints Sets (1936 to Date).

Bullion - Silver (1986 to Date), Gold (1986 to Date) and Platinum Bullion (1997 to Date).

United States Pattern Pieces - Significant U.S. Patterns

Other Issues - Private and Territorial Gold, Private Tokens, Confederate Issues, Hawaiian and Puerto Rican Issues, Philippine Issues and Alaskan Tokens.

This is a must have for any new or old coin collector. Every page in the 450-page book has a glossy look to it. It's much more than just a coin value book as it features historical information on each coin along with colorful realistic images of the coins. Overall, The Official Red Book: A Guide Of United States Coins 69th Edition has been beautifully compiled together. It's easy to read, so you'll be able to find the correct value of any USA coin that you have in your collection.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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