Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thursday Ramblings: Reviews & Workouts

I can hardly believe that it is already Thursday or the tiny fact that it has been over four years since my last Thursday Ramblings post! I guess the week just flew by quickly because I have been busy with writing reviews and making sure I keep my New Year's Resolution, which is to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Well, tonight I definitely went over my minimum requirements by finishing a 90 minute workout. I guarantee that I'm going to be a bit sore in the morning.

My desk area is a complete mess right now with books, audiobooks and products stacked up that I need to review. Plus, there are a few other review stuff on the floor. It probably doesn't help much that I have other things coming in the mail to review. The mail carrier must think I'm either rich or nuts because of all the packages I get every week. The truth is that I very seldom ever actually order anything anymore as most of the packages I receive are for review purposes on this blog or on

Speaking of mail, I found a FedEx slip on my door a few hours ago. It says that they stopped by at 4:15 and nobody was home to sign for a package. Well, here is the thing, I was home! I was in the kitchen popping popcorn to snack on over the weekend. I can easily hear the doorbell from the kitchen, but I never heard it go off. I got a feeling that the the FedEx guy lightly knocked on the screen door and expected me to hear it. Anyway, now I have to wait around to sign for a mysterious package tomorrow.

Though I have had my laptop for barely a over a year, I might have to save some money and buy another one, like the Ubuntu Desktops, next year to replace the old desktop I have in the living room. I rarley ever turn the thing on anymore unless I need to print something. Then again, I should probably save some money for a new pair of glasses!

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