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DVD Review - Paddington Bear: Collector's Edition

Paddington Bear: Collector's Edition
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Release Date: Novemer 25, 2014
Retail: $14.98
Running Time: 10 hrs. 45 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Buy Link: Amazon


Available now to own on DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment is the Paddington Bear Collector's Edition. The 3-disc set features all 56 episodes from the 1975 -1979 Paddington series, 3 Half-Hour Specials and 13 episodes from The Adventures of Paddington Bear.

The basic plot of Paddington Bear involves the Brown family finding Paddington sitting with a suitcase at the Paddington Railway Station in London. The bear has a note on his coat that says, "Please look after this bear. Thank you." The Brown family takes the bear to their home at 32 Windsor Gardens to live with them.

Disc One: Paddington - Episodes 1-44 - Please Look After This Bear; A Bear In Hot Water; Paddington Goes Underwater; A Shopping Expedition; Paddington and the Old Master; A Spot of Decorating; A Family Group; Paddington Makes a Bid; Do-It-Yourself; A Disappearing Trick; Something Nasty in the Kitchen; Trouble at the Launderette; Too Much Off the Top; A Visit to the Dentist; Paddington Cleans Up; Trouble at No. 32; Paddington and the Christmas Shopping; Paddington's Christmas; Mr. Curry Takes a Bath; Paddington Turns Detective; Paddington and the Cold Snap; Trouble at the Wax Works; Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep; A Sticky Time; Paddington Hits the Jackpot; Paddington His Out; A Visit to the Hospital; Paddington Recommended; Fortune Telling; An Unexpected Party; Paddington in Court; Paddington Bakes a Cake; A Picnic on the River; Paddington's Patch; In and Out of Trouble; Paddington at the Tower; A Visit to the Bank; Paddington Clears the Coach; Picture Trouble; Trouble at the Beach; Keeping Fit; Paddington in the Hot Seat; Paddington and the Mystery Box; and Paddington's Puzzle.

Disc Two: Paddington - Episodes 45 - 56 - Paddington Weighs In; Paddington Takes a Ship; A Visit to the Theatre; Paddington Buys a Share; Paddington in a Hole; Paddington and the Finishing Touch; Trouble in the Bargain Basement; An Outing in the Park; Paddington Dines Out; Paddington Takes the Stage; Paddington in Touch; and Comings and Goings at No. 32. Television Specials - Paddington Goes to the Movies (1980); Paddington Goes to School (1984); and Paddington's Birthday Bonanza (1986).

Disc Three: The Adventures of Paddngton Bear (1997-2002) - Episode 1: A Visit to the Hospital, Paddington Takes to the Road, & The Last Dance; Episode 2: Paddington Goes Underground, Paddington in the Ring, & Mr. Curry Lets Off Steam; Episode 3: A Visit to the Bank, A Spot of Fishing & Bear's Job Week; Episode 4: Paddington and the Stately Home, The Opal of My Eye & Too Much Off the Top; Episode 5: Adventure at the Seaside, Paddington and the Pyramid Selling & The Finishing Touch; Episode 6: Paddington Turns Detective, Seeing is Believing & A Visit to the Theatre; Episode 7: Paddington at the Wheel, Howdy Paddington & A Shopping Expedition; Episode 8: Paddington Gets a Raise, Bonhomme Paddington & Everything Comes to Those Who Wait; Episode 9; Paddington Hits Out, Ranger Paddington & Paddington's Puzzle; Episode 10: Paddington Cleans Up; Riding High; Paddington Dines Out; Episode 11: Paddington Keeps Fit, Paddington Goes to Washington & Trouble at the Launderette; Episode 12: The Case of the Doubtful Dummy, The Greatest Paddington on Earth & Paddington Goes to Court; & Episode 13: The Treasure Hunt, Paddington in Hollywood & Mr. Gruber's Mystery Tour.

While I do recall reading a few of the books during my childhood, I don't recall ever watching the animated series, probably because it originally aired in the UK. The original series mixes in a blend of traditional animation and 3D animation, in which Paddington is a top-motion animated puppet. The episodes run for about 5 minutes each, except for the three specials from the 80s' that run between 21 and 25 minutes. Only the first thirteen episodes of The Adventures of Paddington Bear are featured on the 3rd disc. This series uses a more traditional 2D animation style with three segments per episode. Overall, I have enjoyed watching a handful of episodes on the Paddington Bear: Collector's Edition DVD. This is a great way to introduce the marmalade-craving Paddington to a new generation of fans.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This is an impressive animation that ticks all the boxes, from the idiosyncratic fun, to the iconic British scenery, which sets the stage so well. This is well-crafted animation, and Paddington bear himself is a true delight to behold.


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