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DVD Review - Witch's Night Out

Witch's Night Out
Voice Cast: Gilda Radner, Bob Church, John Leach, Naomi Leach
Tony Molesworth, Catherine O'Hara, Fiona Reid, Gerry Salsberg
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Release Date: September 16, 2014
Retail: $9.98
Running Time: 124 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Buy Link: Amazon


Arriving on DVD for the very first time is the 1978 Canadian Halloween special, titled Witch's Night Out, which is a sequel to the 1974 special The Gift of Winter. 

Witch's Night Out centers on a witch bringing two children, Small and Tender, along with their babysitter (Bazooey) to a Halloween party that is taking place at the witch's mansion. The witch decides to show them a good time by turning them into a werewolf and Frankenstein's monster. The local citizens aren't too happy about the party and they create a mob to catch any supernatural creature.

As an added bonus there are 10 bonus Halloween episodes:

Casper the Friendly Ghost: There's Good Boos To-Night (1948)
Casper the Friendly Ghost: Boo Moon (1954)
Felix The Cat: Skulls and Sculls (1930)
Hoppity Hooper: Ghost (1964)
Space Angel: The Ghost Crystal Mace (1964)
Popeye the Sailor Man: Spooky Swabs (1957)
New 3 Stooges: Mumies Boys (1966)
Meany, Miny & Moe: House of Magic (1937)

Though I'm a big fan of Halloween, for some odd reason I have never heard of Witch's Night Out before watching this DVD a few days ago. Despite the age of the special the animation holds up nicely. The 10 other cartoons on the DVD are all fun to watch. Spook Swabs is actually the last Popeye the Sailor Man theatrical cartoons released by Paramount Pictures. There's Good Boos To-Night is a one of the best Casper cartoons and it is a little heartbreaking. Boo Moon was originally released in 3D format as a Stereotoon in 1954. Overall, Witch's Night Out is a wonderful animation special and along with the other 10 cartoons, you are guaranteed to have a fun Halloween watching this DVD with your family.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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