Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Canvas Champ Review & Giveaway

Christmas is barely over three months away and today is the perfect time to start making your gift shopping list. Buying toys and gizmos for the kids is an easy task, but figuring out what to buy an adult can be a little challenging.

Yes, you could just go ahead and buy some sort of gift card, but whoever you are giving the gift to may think you didn't put an effort into the gift. The perfect gift should be something that is more personal, something that you put a little thought into.

Recently, I was contacted by Canvas Champ, a picture to canvas company that was interested in me reviewing a 12" x 8" complimentary copy in exchange for my honest thoughts. I had reviewed a similar canvas company last year, so I thought "Why Not!"

Canvas Champ prices are reasonably priced compared to other companies. A 12"x8" canvas currently costs only $16.77. The canvas sizes ranges from 8"x8" to 30"x20," though you can customize your own canvas size up to 52". The company also sells peel and stick wallpaper, photo boards, metal prints, acrylic prints and canvas banners.

Now you're probably wondering what photo I wanted transfered to canvas. Well, the photo I picked is an old family picture that has my great-grandmother standing in the center with her siblings around her. My great-great-grandparents are the elderly couple sitting in the chairs. It isn't exactly the best photo in the world, but I thought if it turned out good, then I would give it my my grandmother for Christmas.

The canvas was sent to me ultra fast in only two or three business days by UPS. It was packaged really well.

Typically, a canvas would be wrapped (stapled or glued) around a wooden frame, but as you can see by the photo, the canvas is wrapped around not only a frame but a board as well. The metal hook to hang the canvas wasn't centered on the back, but I was able to hang it on the wall and it was centered correctly.

Overall, I'm more than impressed with the Canvas Champ canvas that I received. Like I already said, it wasn't the best photo to begin with, but it looks great on canvas and I think my grandmother is going to love it too!

To order your own canvas, please visit: www.canvaschamp.com

Giveaway Details

Canvas Champ has nicely allowed me to giveaway one 10"x 8" Canvas to giveaway to one lucky winner. Giveaway ends Oct. 16th!


  1. I have this really funny picture of my brother holding my cat and she has her mouth open in a way that looks like she wants to eat him. And he has a goofy look on his face like he doesn't realize he is in danger. (In reality she was just "talking" and the picture snapped right when her mouth was wide open.)

  2. I would use a vacation photo of my two sons. jj250@aol.com

  3. I would love to have a photo canvas of a shot from my daughter's wedding.

  4. I have a photo I took of all five of my kids together last month. I would love to have that made into a canvas for my moms Christmas present!

  5. I have a great picture of my Cat that passed away. I would love to have his picture on canvas to remember him by.
    Ann B.

  6. Sorry if this is a duplicate... I would chose my wedding picture, or one of my one and only grandson!
    prizewinner at hotmail dot com


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