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Blu-ray Review - Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted
Director: James Bobin
Starring: Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey
Studio: Disney Home Entertainment
Release Date: August 12, 2014
Running Time: 113 minutes (original theatrical), 120 minutes (extended version)
Rating: PG
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Arriving on Blu-ray on August 12, 2014 is the international crime caper Muppets Most Wanted, featuring the Original Theatrical, The Unnecessarily Extended Edition and the Statler & Waldorf Cut. The film is directed by James Bobin (The Muppets) and stars Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey. Bonus Features include The Longer Longest Blooper Real in Muppets History, Rizzo's Biggest Fan and "I'll Get You Want you Want" Music Video.

Picking up exactly where the 2011 The Muppets left off, Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang are approached by Dominic "The Lemur" Badguy (played by Ricky Gervais), who claims that he is the CEO of a talent agency, when in fact he is the world's 2nd best criminal. He talks the Muppets into going on a world comedy tour, which gives Kermit an excuse to avoid Miss Piggy's wedding plans to him.

Shortly after arriving in Berlin, Kermit is attacked by his look-alike Constantine, who slaps a fake mole on him. Constantine takes Kermit's place on the Muppets tour. Kermit is mistaken for Constantine and is sent to prison at Gulag 38B. Despite not sounding or acting like Kermit, Constantine is able to convince the Muppets that he is Kermit, well, all except Animal. Constantine is the world's #1 criminal and along with his partner, Dominic, they plan on stealing the crown jewels in Dublin, but they must somehow avoid Interpol agent Jean Pierre Napoleon (played by Ty Burrell) and CIA Agent Sam Eagle, whom are tracking them.

Meanwhile, Kermit tries his best to escape prison, but the prison guard Nadya (played by Tina Fey) is watching his every move.

Its hard to believe that the Muppets have been around since 1955; first appearing on the children program Sam and Friends, which eventually lead to The Muppet Show (1976-1981) and their first feature film, The Muppet Movie, in 1979. The characters were created by the late Jim Henson. Disney purchased The Muppet franchise in 2004.

While I wasn't the biggest fan of the original movies, I do remember watching the Muppet Babies cartoons back in the 80s. The Muppets turned out to be a great comedy in 2011, one that I actually enjoyed; which is one of the reasons why I signed up to review the sequel Muppets Most Wanted. The absent of Jason Segel and Amy Adams' characters are never mentioned, though stand-ins were used briefly in the opening scene.

The international crime scheme plot is a little bit silly at times, but there are enough jokes and catchy songs thrown about to keep a Muppet fan entertained. The original theatrical runs at 113 minutes and the extended version runs about 120 minutes. The Statler and Waldorf Cut runs at almost 2 minutes, which is meant to be a joke! Overall, Muppets Most Wanted is a cute film that the entire family can enjoy watching together.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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