Thursday, 24 July 2014

Where's Friday?

Do you remember back in our middle school days when you would rather skip Thursday and go straight to Fridays, as that afternoon would kickoff your weekend with no school?

That is the way I feel right now. After literally not sleeping a single minute during the night, I decide to get out of bed at 4 A.M. and get a few things done, well to distract my mind for a few hours. My cat, Fred, went to the vet yesterday and things do not look good for my feline friend. I left at the vet for 24 hours, but I was warned to brace for the worst outcome today. Fred was a starving stray cat that showed up on the deck in 2009. He has been a great pet; always purring and very friendly. My other cat, Gaby, has been quite through the whole ordeal. I feel for her.

While I'm writing this, I'm listening to an Evanescence album, again. It seems anytime I'm stressed the only thing that can calm be down is listening to music, which lately Evanescence is the only music that has been taking away my worries. I only wish the band had more albums out.

It looks like I'm going to get three more packages by UPS today. I keep wondering what my neighbors think of me getting so many packages weekly. They must either think I'm addicted to ordering stuff or I have a lot of money, which neither is true. I very seldom actually order something anymore and if I do, it is normally something I'm saving back as Christmas presents.

One of these packages should contain the two new Point Horror novels from Scholastic that I requested to review. I wasn't even aware that books were being published under the Point Horror name anymore. I guess I need to check out the new book listings on Amazon and Barnes & Noble more often, so I don't overlook any more great titles being released. 

Well, I better end this post here, so I can work on a few reviews. I'll update everyone about Fred later on today.

Update: The Vet wanted to keep Fred for another 24 hours, but I'm suppose to expect the worse once again for tomorrow.

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