Thursday, 17 July 2014

What Is Your Book Inspired Vacation?

Yes, the summer months means "fun in the sun" to some and to others it means "vacation time." I haven't been on an actual vacation in at least fifteen years. Typically, not going on vacation doesn't bother me, but this month my body and mind are taking a hit for not taking a vacation.

After watching (well, more like listening) the film Austenland (based on the book of the same name by Shannon Hale) on Starz, where a woman takes a vacation at a Jane Austen-themed resort, I started wondering what would be my favorite vacation inspired by a novel.

A friend of mine has been to England and she is going there again in a few weeks, so maybe I should think about taking a trip there, as one of my favorite books is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, which is set during the Victorian era. Then again, I now know a bit of Italian, German, French and Spanish thanks to some audio CDs, so I could take an international adventure like the in the Dan Brown novels.

I have never read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson, though I do own the books, I have seen the film version with Daniel Craig; therefore, I wouldn't mind taking a trip to Sweden, but I don't know how to speak a bit of Swedish. It is a good thing there are plenty of translation agencies around the world that can help a person out if they don't know the language of the country they are visiting.

I guess I could always stay in the United States and visit Maine, as the state is the setting for almost every Stephen King novel. Plus, I have ancestors that are from Maine and I would like to visit a few cemeteries while I'm there.

These are all dream vacations for me, well at least until I can save enough money, so I can afford take one these book inspired vacations.

What book inspired vacation would you like to take? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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