Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: Star Trek: Khan by Mike Johnson Claudia Balboni

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While last year's Star Trek: Into Darkness was a box-office success, for most fans the film was a complete misfire with dozens of inconsistencies and plotholes, especially when a British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, took on the role of Khan Noonien Singh.

I have to admit that I did see the film in theaters last year, but besides from a few entertaining action scenes, the movie was downright stupid thanks to a horrible script and a halfwit finale. That being said, I still have fondness for the franchise, as I grow up watching The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, which is the main reason why I gave the graphic novel Star Trek: Khan a try.

The opening takes place towards the end of Star Trek Into Darkness with Khan Noonien Singh standing trial for his crimes. This is where Khan tells his origin story during the Eugenics Wars, his time aboard Botany Bay and of course the events that lead him into the new Trek timeline. 

Star Trek: Khan gives a new insight into Star Trek Into Darkness, explaining Khan's skin color change and his new identity - John Harrison. I only wish the screenwriters and producers would have used these scenes as flashbacks in the film, as it would have made it a better film. Overall, Star Trek: Khan an intriguing graphic novel, much better than I original anticipated it to be. 

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