Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Don’t Be a Fungi: Prevent Athlete’s Foot

If you are involved in any sort of gym activity, chances are that you have been exposed to Athlete's Foot. Usually caused by a fungus, this condition is contagious and gets passed from person to person when an infected person leaves spores on the floor and a healthy person walks across that same floor. The fungus can move from the feet to the hands and genitals. Fortunately, it is preventable, and the symptoms are generally not life-threatening though they are very annoying.

Ounce of Prevention

Since this condition is caused by a fungus, you should expect it to thrive in dark, moist places like most other fungi, and you would be correct. The first thing that you can do to prevent the condition is to wear cotton socks and keep your feet dry. Socks that wick the sweat away from the feet are also good. In either case, you will want to wear a breathable shoe. Some powders may also help keep your feet dry.

Since the fungus is generally passed in places like a gym, it is a good idea to keep shower shoes with you for the locker room and showers. Of course, that means that you also have to use the shoes in order for them to be effective. You can also ask about the gym’s cleaning schedule, but you really have no control over that because employees don’t always follow what is listed on the schedule.

Pound of Cure

Fortunately, as a fungus, Athlete'sFoot is treatable. Usually, you can find a fairly cheap over-the-counter medication that will kill it fairly quickly. The symptoms for the condition are fairly annoying and can include incessant itching, burning, pain, and a flaking of the skin. Some people will get tiny bumps on their feet. There are lotions that can be put on the feet and powders that can be sprinkled in the shoes to make sure that the source of the infection is sanitized. No one wants to be connected to fungi. Be sure to take the appropriate measures to protect yourself from foot infections.

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