Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Night Halloween Took Over The World by Drac Von Stoller

It was Halloween again, October 31st, just like all the Halloween's before it. But this Halloween would change the world forever.

The Devil decided to go against God's wishes of only having enough power of deceiving our way of being able to choose between good and evil.

The Devil said "Halloween Night is the only night of the year that my powers are the strongest." As the darkness set in and the trick-or-treaters headed out of their homes to get candy, the Devil entered every trick-or-treaters mind using mental telepathy. The Devil said "Go out and fill up your sacks with all the candy it will hold, but this time you will say these words to whoever opens their door to hand out candy. Trick-r-treat! You’re dead! Then look straight in their eyes and all they will see is the eyes of the devil. They will be frozen like a statue. While they are staring in a trance, pull out the butcher knife from your sack and stab them until they fall to the ground. You have twenty-four hours to kill every neighbor in your neighborhoods. When morning rises there will be millions of dead throughout the world. When I release my hold of your minds at sunrise you will be saying where was God when all this took place."

Just as the Devil commanded trick-or-treaters around the world succumbed to the Devil's power and killed every person that opened their doors to pass out candy on Halloween Night.

For all the survivors that didn't participate in Halloween that night. When morning came and the neighbors all opened their doors in their neighborhoods they got the shock of their lives. As the survivors looked at their neighbors’ houses, there were dead bodies lying at their front door with porch lights on and doors wide open.

Then all of a sudden the Devil's laugh echoed throughout the world and he said "Aren't you glad you didn't open your door on Halloween Night. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Happy Helloween!!” said the Devil.

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

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