Saturday, 26 October 2013

Supporting Our Troops For The Holidays

The Halloween season is nearly over, which means people will begin their holiday gift shopping, grocery shopping for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners or parties. Plus, they'll be decorating their houses with nifty decorations. Yes, everybody is busy during this time, but you should take sometime and give back to our US troops, who are overseas keeping our country safe.

There are many things you can send overseas to our troops. Do you have any left over Halloween candy? You can drop off your extra candy at an organization that will send them overseas.

Books would make a great gift for a solider. If you have any books piled up in your home collecting dust, you could easily dust them off and donate them to an organization that supports our troops. Also, you can keep an eye out for great books at thrift shops or your local library (they occasionally have book sales) to send to our soldiers.

Other great items/gifts to send overseas are movies (DVDs, no VHSs), music CDs, magazines (recently published), shaving razors & shaving cream, tee shirts, Kindles, laptops, hot chocolate packets and ground coffee.

Don't forget about the retired and wounded veterans already in our country. Sending a Christmas box full of goodies (sweets, coffees, clothes, colognes/perfumes, etc.) would make any veteran happy. There are many organizations you can donate money to that provides gifts for the wounded. Or you can think outside of the box and give something else to them. Sometimes other things occur in life and veteran/solider may need legal advice, so you can always help them get the best legal advice. For example, Joseph Graves is a military veteran and personal injury attorney in Florida and his consultations are free.

Yes, the holiday season can be chaotic at times, but please take a moment to think about others.

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