Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween Candy: Wreaking Havoc on Braces

Halloween is right around the corner, and for most kids, that means: candy, candy and more candy! If you wear braces, this holiday can create some "sticky" situations. Some candies have the potential to damage your braces and prolong your treatment time. Don't let poor candy choices lead to a "frightful" Halloween and an emergency trip to the orthodontist! It's important to avoid certain treats and take care of your braces to ensure the success of your orthodontic treatment. Let's look at a few types of candy orthodontists, like the staff at Barbieri Orthodontics, recommend skipping this Halloween season:

Chewy Candies

Chewing gum, caramel, taffy, and other chewy treats are a bad idea if you're wearing braces. These sticky, chewy candies can pull your orthodontic devices off your teeth. Mishaps like this can send you back to the orthodontist to have your appliance repaired, and can slow down your treatment time. It's best to avoid this type of candy, not just during Halloween, but during the entire course of your orthodontic treatment.

Hard Candies

Certain candies can be dangerous to bite into while wearing braces. Hard candy, lollipops, and candies that contain hard nuts can break your brackets or wires when you bite into them. It's smarter to play it safe and stick to softer candies while you're wearing braces. It's not just candy that can be too hard on Halloween.
Candy-dipped apples are probably one of the worst Halloween offenders, being both hard and sticky at the same time. Even popcorn, commonly found at Halloween parties, can pose a problem: the small hulls can get lodged behind your brackets and irritate your gums.

The Sugar Factor

In general, candy and other high-sugar foods should be eaten in moderation when you wear braces. The sugar in these treats can cause plaque buildup surrounding your brackets. Additionally, the combined effect of plaque and sugar in the mouth can eventually lead to swollen gums and tooth decay.

Safe Treats

With these restrictions, you might be wondering: What candies can I eat on Halloween? Fortunately, there are some treats you can safely enjoy, that won't damage your appliances. The best kinds to choose are softer ones. Peanut butter cups are a good choice, as are chocolate candies with cream or soft marshmallow filling.
To expand your treat options on Halloween, think outside the candy box. How about whipping up some baked goods? Cupcakes with orange frosting and soft cookies in the shape of pumpkins are fun ways to celebrate without harming your braces. Also, milkshakes and smoothies can be a unique addition to a Halloween party. Even the dreaded candy-dipped apples can be revamped into a safe alternative: sliced apples dipped into a yummy chocolate sauce or creamy fruit dip.
As you can see, not all candy is off-limits for Halloween if you've got braces. You just need to choose your treats a little more carefully. A few sticky caramels aren't worth hundreds of dollars in orthodontic repairs. Make the right choices, and Halloween can be a safe, fun night for everybody.

The staff at Barbieri Orthodontics in Nashville and Smyrna see many examples of braces damaged by the temptation of delicious Halloween candy. Check out their Facebook page to connect with them.

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  1. A word of advice, never hand out baked goods at the door; my mom would throw out stuff that was considered to be homemade. Only bring those sort of stuff to a class party or another party held at a home.


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