Friday, 11 October 2013

Ghosts, Goblins and Candy on Halloween Night!

Anybody who follows my blog knows that Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a little kid. I did outgrew trick-or-treating at a younger age than most, I still love the holiday, which you can probably tell that by my 31 Days of Halloween posts.The Halloween Spirit entered me way before October, as I have had four boxes of Halloween props and decorations in my family room for a couple of weeks. Plus, I have made 10 29" cemetery fences and one freaky tombstone out of foam board.

Normally, there are between 120 to 130 trick-or-treaters at the door every year, give or take a few. I put together at least 130 bags of candy, plus I keep a little extra candy for backup. The prices of candy has gone up and the quantity has decreased. I have a few bags already bought, but I'll be looking around to the last minute to find the best buy.

Many adults like to dress up for the holiday, which I'm one of them. Department stores have their Halloween stuff on sale after October 31st and I had bought two t-shirts (Michael Meyers and Jason Voorhees) at Walmart for 75 cents each, but I didn't know until last year that they were a size too small, so I was stuck wearing a Jack-O-Lantern shirt. I've dropped a few pounds over the summer and I can now get the shirts on, but they aren't exactly comfortable, so I'll probably wear the Jack-O-Lantern again! Though, I do have the Jason Voorhees costume that I reviewed on the 1st, but I might use it for a dummy/scarecrow to put in the yard on Halloween Night. I've looked in the stores and there isn't a very big option for t-shirts this year, but there are many online stores with different options for male costumes, like Michael Meyers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface and Chucky.

As Halloween approaches there will be gobs of horror movies on television, a few are kid-friendly, but most are just plain scary movies. For those who don't like heavy edited flicks, you might want to look in the $5 dollar DVD bin at your local department store, rent a movie (if you can find a video store still open) or watch one on Netflix. If you aren't aware of what horror movies to watch, hop on over to the Horror Movie A Day to find horror movie reviews

Nevertheless on what I'm going to wear, I'm going to enjoy decorating the yard, giving away candy and hopefully I'll have time watch the Midnight Hour or Halloween (1978) on Halloween night! Plus, maybe I"ll eat some candy corn!

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