Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Funflector Review & Giveaway

There are only 23 Days until Halloween and those days will fly by, meaning the costume and candy area of the department stores will be swamped with last minute shoppers.

The top essentials for Trick-or-Treaters are:
  1. Cool Costume
  2. Candy Bag
  3. Extra Candy Bag
  4. Cellphone (for older kids)
  5. Small Flashlight 
  6. Funflector
What is a Funflector?

Funflector is made by glimling.com LL and it is a fun reflective tag to be hanged off your clothes, briefcase, purse, book bags, etc, similar to a reflector on a bike. 

I'm sure candy is the only thing on kids' minds on Halloween, but parents should be thinking only about keeping their children safe, which can be difficult when trick-or-treating. Streets can be come overcrowded with trick-or-treaters, so it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your children. Funflectors can help you keep track of your children or vise versa. Cars are the biggest danger on Halloween night; 7 out of 10 pedestrian accidents occur at night. Wearing some kind of reflector can help save lives.

Funflector tags are made out of  3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material. This will increase visibility at night. Cars will see a reflector way before they see the pedestrian.

glimling.com LL nicely sent me two Halloween Funflectors to review. A Jack-O--Lantern and a Running Ghost (white).

As you can see in the picture, the Funflectors give off a refection.

The Funflectors are extremely light-weight and they give off a neat reflection when a light is shined on them. The Jack-O-Lantern and Running Ghost will easily blend in with any Halloween costume. Each one comes with a bail chain, so it can hang on a zipper pull of a jacket/coat, back packs, sweaters, costumes, etc. Kids will enjoy the wide variety of Funlfector designs, while parents will love the reflectors for the safety values. Overall, I think Funflector is a cute and simple solution to protect kids and adults at night.


  • 5 Funflectors
  • 1 winner
  • Giveaway sponsored by glimling.com LL
  • US Addresses Only
  • Ends 10/20/13

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  1. The "Snowflake" Snowman, the Jack O' Lantern, Paw Print, Basketball with Paw and Running Ghost! Love them!

  2. Skull and Crossbone, Rocket Ship, Basket Ball, & 2 of the Orange Paw Print with Glow-edge

  3. bicycle, rocket ship, Snowman stars & stripes, snowman love, skull & crossbones.

    eg kaufman

  4. lady bug, angel, jack-o-lantern, pink rainbow heart, love and peace

  5. skull and crossbones, bicycle, rocket ship, Pedestrian Reflector - Pink Rainbow Heart, and moose

  6. I would LOVE to win the Skull & Crossbones, Purple Angel, Pink Angel, Love and Peace in purple and the Pink Rainbow heart! These are Awesome!!! Thanks for the opportunity!


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